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Mattan Engineering Sdn Bhd

Mattan Engineering Sdn Bhd

MATTAN is a leading Engineering, Procurement, Construction, commissioning (EPCC) solution provider across multi-disciplinary Renewable Energy i.e. Solar, Biogas, Biomass and Mini Hydro in Malaysia. MATTAN also provides one-stop solution services ranging from Consultancy, Operation & Maintenance (O&M), Financial Modelling / Arrangement to Project Management.

MATTAN is a locally owned engineering company with a humble origin when it was founded in 2012 by Matt Tan and Levin Tan to capitalize on the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme and later on Large Scale Solar (LSS) program offered by the Government for the residential and industrial sector. The 3 employees company grew exponentially over the course of 8 years and fast forward to 2020, MATTAN’s track record stood at more than 100 MW of completed projects and another 90 MW under construction, 77 employees and counting with more than 90 projects completed across all sectors.

MATTAN emphasises on precision and value engineering to drive better yield for clients across all projects and treat its employees as its most prized assets. “However, this would not be possible without the support and incentives from the Malaysian government. We are grateful to the Government for driving the Renewable Energy agenda i.e. Large Scale Solar and FIT schemes for Biogas, Biomass and Mini Hydro with various attractive incentives” says Group President, Matt Tan. Executive Chairman, Levin Tan added “ completing projects in time is not just paramount to the client but also ensuring the Government achieves its RE goal. As one of the few pioneers in the local industry, I feel that we have a responsibility to take the lead on a transition towards a Renewable Energy powered globe“. MATTAN will continue to contribute to the Renewable Energy industry and drive its linkage to the Malaysian economy and remain hopeful to stamp its mark not just in Malaysia but across the region. Please visit Mattan’s website at