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Business Ready

Malaysia’s pro-business policies, progressive infrastructure and strong supply chains continue to attract investors.

Dynamic Skilled

Diverse in culture and knowledge, Malaysia's industry-ready talent is the foundation of our economic growth.

Future Forward

Opportunities arise as cutting-edge technology and Industry 4.0 adoption continue to drive Malaysia's economy.


Malaysia’s robust and diversified economy offers investors a multitude of opportunities within the Manufacturing and Services sectors…


Main engine of Malaysia’s economic growth with forward and backward industrial linkages and enabler of Industry 4.0



Ever expanding sector with an increasing focus on high technology, providing competitive advantages for other industries


Setting Up Business

Setting Up

It’s easy to do business in Malaysia. Here are some key guidelines for you to kick-start your business ventures in Malaysia.

business facilitation new

Business Facilitation

Foreign and domestic investors can enjoy MIDA’s ongoing support via its dedicated facilities and services.

MIDA, Your Strategic Investment Partner

With more than 50 years of track record in building the nation, MIDA works hand-in-hand with investors to unlock investment opportunities and facilitate a seamless investment journey in Malaysia. MIDA handholds investors right from their initial enquiries until the realisation of their projects.