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Guide #1

Engagement with MIDA

Connect with Us

The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) is the government’s principal agency for the promotion of the manufacturing and services sectors in Malaysia.

Guide #2

Identify Business Requirements

MIDA is here to provide you access to the essential information your company needs to know before setting up in Malaysia.


Investment Opportunities:

Explore various investment opportunities in Malaysia’s robust industries and sub-sectors.


Equity Policy and Protection of Foreign Investment

The Government encourages joint-ventures/partnership between Malaysian and foreign investors.


Approval and Licensing

Guideline on getting your investment approved and obtaining the necessary license.


Promoted Activities

List of promoted activities and products which are eligible for consideration of tax incentives.



Tax incentives, both direct and indirect, are just another tool to provide a tipping point in promoting investments.


Registration of Business Entity

Companies doing business in Malaysia must register with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).


Market Rate of Business Space

Office space for a startup or a state-of-the-art factory, Malaysia has solutions for you.



Income derived from Malaysia is subject to income tax. Find out the taxation requirements.


Banking, Finance and Exchange Administration

The Malaysian financial system comprises a diversified range of institutions to serve the increasingly more varied and complex needs of the domestic economy.


Intellectual Property Regulations and Protection

Malaysia’s intellectual property laws are in conformance with international standards.


Environmental Management

Investors are encouraged to consider the environmental factors during the early stages of their project planning.


Infrastructure Support

Malaysia is continuously enhancing its infrastructure to provide a conducive business environment. Get a macro view on the infrastructure support that are available for your business.

Guide #3

Workforce, Visa and Immigration

Grow your business with educated local talent or international professionals with MIDA’s assistance.


Conditions of Employment

To cater to the manufacturing sector’s expanding demand for technically trained workers, the Malaysian Government has taken measures to increase the number of skilled workers.


Learning and Development

The Government’s initiatives in producing a sustainable supply of skilled workers for the industries.


Wage Rate

Labour costs in Malaysia are kept relatively competitive while productivity levels remain high in comparison with most other industrialised countries.


Human Resources Development Fund

To catalyse the development of a competent local workforce that will contribute to Malaysia’s vision of becoming a high-income economy.


Statutory Contributions

In Malaysia, “Statutory Contributions” includes Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and Social Security Organisation (SOCSO).


Employment of Expatriates

While companies are allowed to bring in expatriate personnel, it is highly encouraged for companies to train up local talents.


Entering Malaysia

All persons entering Malaysia must possess valid national passports or other internationally recognised Travel Documents valid for travelling to Malaysia.


Employment of Workers

Foreign workers can be employed in the manufacturing, construction, plantation, agricultural, services and domestic help sectors.


Harmonious Industrial Relations

Overview of the industrial relations in Malaysia.


Facilities for Recruitment

Employers and job seekers can register for free at the MYFutureJobs portal to seek suitable candidates and positions.

Guide #4

Project Implementation and Compliance


Post Approvals and Post Invest Requirements

To enjoy the benefits of the support received in the form of tax incentives or other schemes, companies are required to implement their project within 24 months of approval and adhere to incentive conditions for their projects.

Guide #5

Business Expansion


Expand, Diversify and Reinvest

Companies that seek to leverage on Malaysia’s growing competitiveness by expanding and diversifying their operations will continue to receive MIDA’s dedicated facilitation and consultation services.