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Major Infrastructural Facilities

Land of Opportunity

We are a great place for business.

Malaysia is strategically located in the heart of South East Asia and offers a vibrant, business ready economy with cutting edge, future friendly industries supported by innovative ecosystems filled with world class talent that would be undeniably good for your business and also your life.

Imagine a place where you are able to work to the highest professional standards, then in half an hour be relaxing on a beach or hiking through beautiful rainforests. That is what you can look forward to when you bring your skills to Malaysia.

Business Ready Economy

Malaysia has everything investors need to start up and scale up their business easily. Malaysia is one of the easiest countries in the world to set up and operate a business, ranking in the top 15 out of 190 economies in the World Bank’s Doing Business 2019 report.

Malaysia is well positioned to serve as a central hub for worldwide trade. Our air transport infrastructure is among the best in the world. Our coastal ports provide direct maritime access in Asia to Singapore, China, as well as to Europe and the U.S.

Combined with secure trade corridors and 500 industrial zones, our world-class infrastructure regularly facilitates continual supply chain and business operations.

Business Dossier: Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies is a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. They are an offshoot of Hewlett-Packard and deliver complete scientific solutions to their customers.

Future Forward Industry

New technologies come to life in Malaysia thanks to an innovative ecosystem of future forward industries that connects investors with incentives, initiatives and programs. Malaysia’s growth focuses on 5 major industries, E&E, Machinery & Equipment, Chemical Medical Devices and Aerospace. Our adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions transforms companies into global players. Advances in technology like automation, A.I., and blockchain are just some of the initiatives MIDA has implemented to further advance your business.

Business Dossier: BMW

Malaysia’s National Automotive Policy 2020 (NAP 2020) will see electrified vehicles play a prominent role in propelling our automotive sector to greater heights. BMW used Malaysia as a base to reinforce its position as a leading e-mobility provider by delivering 3,148 electrified BMWs in 2019.

Innovative Ecosystem

Malaysia provides start-up support through innovative entrepreneurial ecosystems featuring next-generation businesses, working spaces, and industrial research and technology organisations.


Reap the rewards of Malaysia being ranked 7th in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index 2018, an annual assessment of the drivers of productivity and long-term economic growth.


The Malaysian Government also has various incentives and grants in place to encourage companies in a wide range of industries to embark on R&D activities. MIDA has approved hundreds of R&D projects worth billions in Malaysia in industries such as Electrical and Electronics, Machinery and Equipment, Chemical, Medical and Aerospace.

Business Dossier: BE Semiconductor Industries N.V.

BE Semiconductor Industries N.V., is a Dutch multinational company that designs and manufactures semiconductor equipment. They came to Malaysia seeking to increase revenue, growth, efficiency and market share.

World-Class Talents

More than
every year

World-recognised talent

Boeing Welders



To succeed in today’s ever-changing world, you need a steady supply of skilled talent to calculate and anticipate what’s coming next. Malaysia’s skilled, educated and diverse people are the foundation of our economic growth. They will equip your company with the adaptive flexibility to manage technological and economic changes.

Looking to the future, Malaysia has prioritised our 3+2 sectors (E&E, Machinery & Equipment, Chemical, Medical Devices, and Aerospace), providing you with an influx of skilled and knowledgeable talent to meet the needs of a 21st century economy.

Business Dossier: B. Braun

B. Braun is a healthcare product provider that came to Malaysia 40 years ago to build their first manufacturing site in the Asia-Pacific region. As a testament to our talent pool, their Penang facility is recognized as the Global Center of Excellence for Intravenous Access (CoE IVA) products.

Good for Life and Business

While your business may lead you to Malaysia, we understand that it takes a whole lot more to feel at home. Luckily, Malaysia is one of the best countries for a high quality of life.

Careers are central to a good lifestyle. But life is also about family, friends, education, health and leisure.

There are around 150 International schools in Malaysia. We have 20 public universities, 47 private universities, 34 university colleges and 10 foreign university branches.

Malaysia has the “Best Healthcare in the World” according to the 2019 International Global Retirement Index. Malaysia happens to be an exceptionally well-functioning and family-friendly place to live.

Business Dossier: SteriPack

Production of medical devices have a major priority now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Malaysia is home to multiple healthcare companies supplying the frontlines. SteriPack’s Malaysian facility does the pharmaceutical packing that ensures the health and quality of all our lives.

Malaysia's Global Standing

Take a look at how Malaysia stacks up against the global competition

World’s Best Countries to Invest

(CEOWORLD Magazine 2019)

Most Attractive Emerging
Market in Asia

(Bloomberg 2018)


Ease of Doing Business
within ASEAN

(World Bank Doing Business 2020 Report)

Protecting Investors

(World Bank Doing Business 2020 Report)


Global Offshoring Destination

(A.T Keamey Global Series Services
Location IndexTM 2016)


Most Attractive Emerging Market in the World

(Bloomberg 2018)


High Tech Manufacturing

(World Bank 2018)


Ease of Doing Business

(World Bank Doing Business 2020 Report)