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Malaysia’s Green Technology


Malaysia’s Green Technology

Malaysia is one of ASEAN’s most biodiverse and technologically progressive countries that is blessed with rich biodiversity and a lush, heavily forested environment. Untapped opportunities for investments in green growth abound in this natural haven with its precious and large array of renewable energy sources. With a record of over five decades of unstoppable economic growth, the nation known for its sun and seas is now a trusted business partner and home to more than 5,000 foreign businesses from 40 countries – all of whom have entrusted their confidence and investment dollars to this tropical nation’s potential. Another strategic reason that makes Malaysia one of South East Asia's favourite investment destinations is that the country is no stranger to the sustainable development journey. The nation’s treasure trove of natural resources is supplemented by the well-established New Economic Policy (NEP) – a running five-year development plan introduced in the 1970s that has underpinned all development in the country ever since, instilling essential elements of sustainable economic development.