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DSR Daily Fresh, A Strategic Homegrown Partnership to Accelerate Malaysia’s Durian Future with Industry 4.0

>Going Global Series>DSR Daily Fresh, A Strategic Homegrown Partnership to Accelerate Malaysia’s Durian Future with Industry 4.0

DSR Daily Fresh, A Strategic Homegrown Partnership to Accelerate Malaysia’s Durian Future with Industry 4.0

DSR Daily Fresh is Malaysia’s first integrated durian partnership, leveraging on the core expertise of DSR and Daily Fresh to provide the full suite of services from upstream durian orchard management to midstream sale of durian paste, as well as downstream manufacturing and distribution of durian products. True to the company’s ‘orchard-tomarket’ philosophy, its downstream durian products are distributed through its D’MasKing stores and all 1,600 Daily Fresh kiosks worldwide.


DSR stands for ‘Durian Sudah Runtuh’, literally denoting a ripe durian and a Malay euphemism for windfall earnings, and was established in 2017 as a small durian orchard of 3.4 acres in Raub, Pahang. In just a few years, DSR expanded its durian plantation to encompass over 3,000 durian trees, of which the majority are authentic Raub Musang King durians. Choosing Raub as their source for Musang King reflects the company’s focus on quality as Raub is widely known to be one of the highest quality durians in terms of consistency in taste and texture. DSR is also experienced in durian orchard management and production of downstream durian products.

DSR engages with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries to implement smart farming and the Internet of Things (IoT) to better monitor the crops’ health, trace origins of durians and maintain the fertility of the land. With the adoption of Industry 4.0, DSR will capitalise on IoT and Big Data Analytics (BDA) in presenting an integrated durian orchard management system to monitor the entire upstream and downstream activities of their operations. DSR is currently in talks with SIRIM Tech Venture to establish an efficient waste management system in its orchards.


As for the other half of this dynamic partnership, Daily Fresh was founded in 1997 as a sweet corn producer in Johor and is one of Malaysia’s market leaders in sweet corn farming, processing and franchising today. Proudly homegrown, Daily Fresh grew leaps and bounds to increase its footprint to include over 1,600 franchise retail outlets in 16 countries including Malaysia.


Recognising the immense potential in the downstream durian products market, DSR Daily Fresh spent countless hours in R&D to perfect the flavour and texture of their trademarked D’MasKing durian specialty products.

In April 2021, the first D’MasKing flagship store was launched in Bentong, Pahang featuring retail, kitchen and dine-in spaces. Catering to both durian lovers and casual durian consumers, D’MasKing offers specialty durian products such as durian pizza, durian buns, durian truffle popcorn, Musang King gelato as well as Musang King gelato filled croissants, puffs, waffles and tarts. D’MasKing also serves drinks such as durian coffee and Bentong ginger milk tea which go well with its durians and durian-based snacks. DSR Daily Fresh plans to expand further by distributing similar downstream durian products through Daily Fresh’s retail outlets in high traffic locations nationwide.


The partnership leverages on DSR’s extensive durian knowledge and durian plantations, coupled with Daily Fresh’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, expertise in sales and marketing, certified food safety management and wide distribution network. The synergy of these two powerhouse companies has led to a steady supply of Malaysia’s king of fruits that can be enjoyed by all; fresh, on-demand, and by trusted brands.


DSR intends to establish a Musang King-based product pipeline on top of its fresh fruit supply to gain sustainable income year-round, and not just during the durian season.


“Musang King is a unique product of Malaysia and as Malaysians, we should all be proud of it. This has been our mission since the establishment of DSR and we hope that with the assistance of *MIDA, MAFI, FAMA, MARDI and SIRIM, we are able to bring back the glory our Musang King truly deserves and stake the claim that this is TRULY MALAYSIAN,” expressed DSR Daily Fresh in a statement.


The company will be participating in the World Expo under the Malaysian Pavilion that is scheduled to be held in Dubai in early 2022. DSR continues to be passionate about showcasing the uniqueness and distinctiveness of the Malaysian Musang King durians on the global stage, accelerating the growth of the attractive durian industry in Malaysia.

*Note: MIDA (Malaysian Investment Development Authority), MAFI (Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries), FAMA (Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority), MARDI (Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute) and SIRI (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia).


Source: MIDA e-Newsletter May 2021