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Boosting Local Industrial Development: The Swift Group

>Going Global Series>Boosting Local Industrial Development: The Swift Group

Boosting Local Industrial Development: The Swift Group

As part of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority’s (MIDA) investment promotion arm, the Domestic Investment and Supply Chain Division (DISC) aims to boost local industrial development. This is driven through continuous engagements with various local stakeholders through activities such as outreach programmes, roundtable meetings and dialogues to further understand companies’ role in the supply chain ecosystem and facilitate future strategic development plans to strengthen the nation’s economic growth.

Swift Haulage Sdn. Bhd., also known as Swift Group, is one of the local integrated logistic providers that is seeking to grow its business further, with MIDA’s assistance. Established in 2011, this local company has diversified its business portfolio greatly. The company’s latest investment venture is its e-Commerce Warehouse in Port Klang, Selangor.


About Swift Group


Swift Group has poised itself to be a market leader and mark its presence in the industry. Through the strategic acquisitions of MISC Integrated Logistics Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of MISC Berhad (2016) and Tanjong Express (M) Sdn Bhd, Tanjong Express Logistics (M) Sdn. Bhd. as well as Komunajaya Sdn. Bhd. (2018), the Group successfully expanded the company’s core services to include inland distribution, making it one of the largest inland distribution networks in Malaysia.

In July 2018, Swift Group added a specialised transportation business unit, Swift Mega Carrier Sdn. Bhd. This wholly-owned subsidiary of Swift Integrated Logistic Sdn. Bhd. operates car carrier transportation. In that same year, the Group also secured seven businesses with international and local companies covering services on ISO tank leasing, haulage, total logistic provider, inland distribution water trucking, freight forwarding and customs clearance. This is in addition to the Group’s already active cross-border projects, contract logistics and warehouse management services.


Swift Group’s Command Centre


The Swift Group’s effective use of technology and data to meet customers’ logistics needs has positioned themselves beyond their competitors. The Group’s Command Centre operates with a dedicated 24-hour shift team that monitors all their truck movements and driver’s behaviour through the technologically advance Swift Haulage Portal.


To ensure high compliance towards safety requirements, the trucks are supported by a real-time GPS tracking system, On-Truck Computer (OTC) and On-Board Camera. This allows frequent and efficient monitoring of sensitive and hazardous products during transits. The real-time GPS tracking system can also be accessed by customers to track their containers, offering transparent logistics services.


Additionally, two on-board cameras were installed in the cabin; one faces the driver and the other, towards the road, to monitor the driver’s behaviour and road conditions. The Command Centre monitors and updates the driver on violations or red flags such as speeding, idling, harsh braking or acceleration, movement on undesignated route and accidents.


More than Just Logistics Services


The Swift Group’s truck drivers, who are Malaysians, are part of the logistical supply chain. The data collected from their driving behaviours are instrumental to the company’s capacity development.


As part of the Group’s Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) initiative, the drivers’ families are well informed on the role and responsibilities of a truck driver, highlighting their crucial role in the ground logistic supply chain of the nation. This diminishes the negative perception of being a truck driver in Malaysia. Family members are also educated on the risks associated with the job and learn how to mitigate the situation should the need arise.


Swift Warehouse Embarks into e-Commerce


On 27 February 2020, Swift Group launched its 30,000 square feet warehouse, with investments of RM2.3 million. This Swift e-Commerce Warehouse serves one of the top five most popular e-commerce brands in Malaysia. The warehouse is built with two-tier floors, fully equipped with air-conditioned, equipped with advance technology Pick to Cart – Light System and driven by Warehouse Management System (WMS).


The WMS software application is designed with algorithms to support and optimise warehouse functionality and distribution centre management. The Group’s strategy is to be digitally ready to further advance growth that matches their capabilities. Currently, the warehouse can accommodate up to one million units of throughput per month.




Malaysia has implemented the Movement Control Order (MCO) since 18 March 2020 to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. The global pandemic has shocked the national and global supply chains. Businesses have been disrupted, and supply chains face significant challenges to remain relevant.


Companies need to take bold steps to mitigate risks in this challenging business climate by continuing to leverage the necessary tools and technologies to remain competitive.


In Swift Group’s example, the company invested in the right strategy and adapted technologies and new ways to ensure their business’ sustainability. To meet customers’ expectations, stricter regulatory requirement and international standards in the logistics industry, the company expanded its capabilities in both asset and local human capital. The Group also reduced operating cost and speed-up decision making to respond to customer’s needs. By doing so, the Swift Group ultimately earned their stakeholder’s trust.