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Genetec Technology: Home-Grown Automation Solution Provider Making Headways in the Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Industry

>Going Global Series>Genetec Technology: Home-Grown Automation Solution Provider Making Headways in the Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Industry

Genetec Technology: Home- Grown Automation Solution Provider Making Headways in the Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Industry

Genetec is a well-known Malaysian homegrown Automation Solution Provider and machinery manufacturer with a presence in Asia, Europe and the United States, with more than 500 highly effective employees worldwide.


The company was founded in 1997 by Mr Chin Kem Weng with a few partners, Mr Sow Ewe Lee, Mr Tan Kon Hoan, Mr Lim Ghee Tatt and Mr Yeo Teik Hock. In 1997, Genetec was incorporated as a private limited company under Genetax Technology Sdn Bhd with a 3,800 square feet facility. The company was converted to a public limited company in 2004 and further expanded to 295,000 square feet in 2021 featuring the current office, engineering and operation facilities. The company has since further expanded its presence of service and support globally.


Throughout the journey of this company, MIDA has been supportive in facilitating their business ventures. As a recipient of MIDA’s Domestic Investment Strategic Fund (DISF) and Pioneer Status incentives, the company has further developed their research and development activities as well as advanced their technology.


The company made a breakthrough in producing an Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Automation system for electric vehicles, energy storage and autonomous driving. MIDA’s support has provided Genetec with a competitive platform to compete globally.


As the company expands, Genetec continues to welcome highly competitive local talents to explore new challenges and continuously innovate to improve. Their career development initiatives have produced a great number of highly skilled engineers and technicians from multi-racial ethnicities with diverse backgrounds. They form the backbone of the organisation to take on challenging tasks and future-proof their journey ahead.

Genetec embraces great value in expressing gratitude towards employees’ contribution. “Acknowledgement is a choice; appreciation can make a day or even change a life. Your willingness to express it in words is all that matters.” This is Mr Chin’s favourite quote.


In terms of technology, Genetec has innovated and transformed the way industrial automation works. The company designs and builds smart automation systems, customise automated equipment and integrated systems from conceptual designs and prototypes to mass replication of equipment. Notably, Genetec is a solution provider for renowned industry leaders in electric vehicle and battery, automotive, computer peripherals, consumer goods, and healthcare sectors.


The company’s motto “We automate your world” drives the direction of their growth. This resonates with the living approach of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which is driving significant advancement in processes, principles and technologies from mass production assembly lines, automated and computerised operations to cyber-physical systems.


Genetec pursues a focus on innovative technological advancement and next-generation vehicle components for autonomous driving and green energy storage to reduce greenhouse emissions. Moving forward, Genetec will expand by investing in a new plant in Malaysia. The company is building a state-of-the-art manufacturing factory that will be commissioned soon. It will continue to feature a pool of highly talented local workforce. This new deployment is set to meet the demands of their global export market.


Being a prominent technology contributor to Malaysia’s high-technology sector, the company emphasises on creating highly skilled job opportunities. The growth of such companies provides an empowering ecosystem for Industrial 4.0 development specifically in the electric vehicle, next-generation vehicle and energy storage industry. MIDA welcomes more endeavours like Genetec that contributes to the overall economic prosperity and societal wellbeing of the nation.


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Source: MIDA e-Newsletter April 2021