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Aurum Healthcare

Aurum Healthcare

Aurum Healthcare serves the hospitals, clinical laboratories and distributors in the medical device industry. The company is constantly engaging the industry and healthcare professionals to improve its medical devices, ensuring that the customers continue to have access to safe, cost-effective and high quality medical devices.

Aurum Healthcare stands for GOLD  standard in healthcare. In the Iskandar Malaysia in Southern Johor, Aurum Healthcare commenced its operations in 2011 led by a team of professionals with extensive years of medical device experience. Aurum Healthcare is a leading R&D company that has made significant investments into high technology projects building specialty medical devices with the potential to address serious diseases for which the unmet medical needs is high and the biology treatment is clear.

We have carried out a series of training to equip our staff with the capabilities and the competencies in the R&D of the medical devices. These include training our staff in the application of new medical technologies and understanding the regulatory framework of FDA and the CE Mark compliance. Local staff is also trained in the application of the latest medical sterilization processes and the Quality Management System ISO 13485.

Aurum Healthcare has invested in building a state-of-art ethylene oxide (EO) medical sterilization facility. We provide contract sterilization to companies and is committed to delivering high quality and customer-focused sterilization services.

Aurum Healthcare is also embarking on a new medical technology to develop a novel specially coated technology known as Aurum HydroPlus onto existing medical devices such as cardiopulmonary tubing and central venous catheters. This breakthrough technology can effectively prevent blood clotting, suppression of proteins and cells to reduce the incidences of infection during and after the surgical intervention. Aurum HydroPlus specially coated medical devices are designed with the ability to go more places, help facilitate ease of insertion and promote optimal protection and performance. We have specifically designed the devices to protect patients during the interventional cardiac surgery by minimizing trauma and by enabling less invasive surgical techniques.

Aurum Healthcare seeks to capitalize on a unique opportunity that exists in the medical device industry by deploying our extensive experience in the medical device industry. “We work closely with industry partners, doctors and the research institutes to develop cutting edge technologies and accelerating the commercialisation outcomes of these new devices”, says Patrick Chua, COO of Aurum Healthcare.

Malaysia is uniquely positioned as a regional hub for business, innovation and talent. Our decision to invest in Malaysia is supported by a primary value proposition that is centred on costs, capabilities, intellectual property protection and infrastructure. The Iskandar region in Johor has all the right ingredients to be a destination of choice for us to set up our operations, says Chua.

Malaysia is a country of choice for Aurum Healthcare as the healthcare industry has been identified as a National Key Economic Area that is complemented by the several factors such as a stable and attractive business environment, pro-business policies and incentives, productive workforce with English widely-spoken amongst the people.

Malaysia is also strategically located to allow Aurum Healthcare to optimize the supply chain management to serve the fast-growing Asian market.Aurum Healthcare’s current expansion of its business for its new range of Aurum HydroPlus specially coated medical devices for cardiopulmonary kits and the central venous catheters will involve further investment of RM35 million. This investment will result in the commercialization of novel medical devices and the development of new medical technologies.

We believe in working closely on an ecosystem of partnerships for success, united by a collaborative model to deliver better results that are vital to the patients. We view MIDA as our growth partner. The workforce in Malaysia is young, educated and highly productive at costs that are very competitive with the neighbouring countries in Asia. We will recruit and develop more qualified local staff to run more complex processes and machines”, says Chua.

Aurum Healthcare will draw upon the support from MIDA to enhance its core competencies and capabilities in the development of the new specialty
medical devices. Besides the R&D, Aurum Healthcare will also build up its capabilities in the commercial assessment, product development, manufacturing, clinical trials, regulatory clearance, and go-to-market strategies. Whatever medical devices that Aurum Healthcare does offer, we will make great efforts to ensure that they are of the highest quality and are in line with the demands of the market.

In January 2014, Aurum Healthcare has secured one of its early successes, having sealed a strategic partnership with Medtronic International, the world’s largest medical device company to market the Aurum HydroPlus specially coated medical devices for cardiopulmonary kits once they are ready for commercialization.