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ICT Services

ICT Services

ICT services represent a critical sub-sector in reaching our digital-nation goals that boast a robust digital and social infrastructure.

This creative and vibrant industry encompasses a variety of activities:

Management of Data

Data Centres

Cloud Sharing

Data Security & Big Data Analytics

Software & System Design

Conducive e-Platform

Integration of system
(develop & design and research & development)

Creative & Digital Content


Gaming & Animation

RM267.7 bil

ICT contribution to GDP 2018


to strengthen competitiveness

RM115.5 bil

e-commerce Gross Value Added to GDP 2018

Source: DOSM

Liberalisation of ICT Services

On 22 April 2009, the ICT services sub-sector was liberalised to encourage foreign participation and further strengthen the competitiveness of the sub-sector.

Towards a more Digitalised Economy

ICT services play a central role in empowering the digital economic goals of the country. As Malaysia moves to become a developed economy, it needs to position itself not only to adapt, but also to innovate in technology in order to sustain economic growth. Digitalisation has changed the way of doing businesses by capitalising on connectivity and systems integration, and by leveraging on “smart technology” such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics, Robotics and Internet of Things (IoT).

Malaysia welcomes digital players to join us in our efforts to build a sustainable ICT ecosystem and digitally connected landscape. With our growing range of capabilities and infrastructure, Malaysia is poised to become a tech powerhouse in the region, driving innovation and productivity to enhance competitiveness and wealth creation.

Size of ICT in Malaysia

In 2018, the value of the ICT industry’s contribution to the country’s GDP was RM267.7 billion, of which gross value added of ICT was RM182.4 billion and e-Commerce was RM115.5 billion. ICT GDP is the sum of contributions by various industries such as ICT services, manufacturing, trade, other industries, and content and media.

Source : DOSM

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Impressive talent, a vibrant game ecosystem, and support from the government are key reasons why we have decided to take our partnership with Malaysia to the next level

- Jim Ryan, President & CEO
Sony Interactive Entertainment

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