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The Asia Pacific Customer Centre2 (APCC2), Dell Asia’s newest factory in Penang, is poised to play a key role in the company’s regional expansion over the next three years. Operational since March 2001, the facility is five times the size of Dell’s existing factory and has double the capacity. APCC2 is capable of producing two million units of notebook computers, PCs and servers annually.

This new factory is indicative of Dell’s confidence in Malaysia and the region. We are unfazed by the slowdown in the US economy. We are confident in our Asia Pacific operations and anticipate greater growth in the region.

Dell chose to base our integrated facilities here because of Malaysia’s strategic location in the Asia Pacific – the way our facilities in Xiamen, China; Austin, Texas; and Limerick, Ireland; serve Greater China, the Americas and Europe respectively. Malaysia is also supported by an established infrastructure and a highly-trained workforce from which we draw the people who carry out our direct business model.

Malaysia’s commitment to creating a knowledge economy will be driven by innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. Dell supports this and will do its part in participating in this vision fully.