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B.Braun Medical Industries

B.Braun Medical Industries

In 2006, B. Braun Medical Industries Sdn. Bhd. (BMI), Penang plant was recognised as the Global Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Intravenous Access products including R&D and production technology. Products manufactured in B. Braun Medical Industries Penang are exported to the US, Japan, Germany and several major markets around the world.

“Malaysia is a good choice for manufacturing because of the skills and competency of its people,” says Dr. Juergen Schloesser, senior vice-president and head, Centre of Excellence – Intravenous Access. “Over the years of cevelopment, the local team has acquired the necessary know-how and has proven to be highly capable.” Just as helpful is the country’s location.

“Malaysia is strategically located within ASEAN region and at the same time along the major sea routes in Asia between the West and the Far East,” Dr. Schloesser notes. “The Regional Distribution Centre located in Penang helps us to serve the entire Asia-Pacific region efficiently.” He says the three most important strategic advantages to having a Malaysia location in his company’s property portfolio are the skilled and highly motivated workforce; multicultural and multilingual people with a good working knowledge of the English language even at the supervisory level; and the country’s stable political situation and economy.

Dr. Schloesser says the expansion announced in 2010 will cater to the growth of the company’s manufacturing output for the next 15 to 20 years, “allowing an increase of manufacturing capacity of an average 15 percent per annum while providing additional employment opportunities.” He notes the engagement of economic development authorities and especially MIDA, noting that they are “business-friendly and understand the needs of the business. MIDA is staffed with highly competent people who are there to facilitate should any issue or problem arise.”