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Asean could reap RM1.43 trillion in extra revenues if green investments are scaled up, says report

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15 Apr 2024

Asean could reap RM1.43 trillion in extra revenues if green investments are scaled up, says report

12 Apr 2024

Asean to sustain EV growth on low base while world market slows

13 Mar 2024

Southeast Asia becomes Tesla’s priority for expansion

04 Mar 2024

Southeast Asia could turn into economic powerhouse by 2040 — Report

23 Jan 2024

Southeast Asia to account for 10 pct of Asia’s total solar capacity by 2030

14 Jan 2024

How Asean is building trust in its digital economy

03 Jan 2024

Asia Pacific’s economic growth to remain strong in 2024: Fitch

01 Nov 2023

Southeast Asia Internet economy to grow 11pct year-on-year in 2023

29 Sep 2023

Govt incentives key to EV demand growth in Asia — Sustainable Fitch

17 Sep 2023

Asean-China free trade talks crucial for post-pandemic recovery, says PM

14 Sep 2023

Asean poised for progress in a challenging landscape

24 Aug 2023

Report: SE Asia’s renewable energy sector to generate US$100b potential revenue by 2030

21 Aug 2023

Renewable energy investments in SE Asia seen topping US$76b by 2025

20 Aug 2023

Asean carbon neutrality can unlock US$5.3 trillion economic opportunity

15 Aug 2023

South-East Asia a hotspot for Chinese EV makers

03 Aug 2023

Asean becoming a compelling investment destination

26 Jul 2023

Report: South-east Asia’s economic outlook brightening

06 Jun 2023

Bright prospects for Asia

11 May 2023

ASEAN agrees to build electric vehicle ecosystem: Jokowi

25 Apr 2023

Business community to prepare for ‘multipolar’ world economy, says McKinsey

30 Mar 2023

Asean must act to strengthen position in global value chains: ADB report

07 Feb 2023

Factories in SE Asia are firing up as China reopens

30 Jan 2023

EU to focus on deepening economic ties with Asean, says its ambassador in Hanoi

18 Jan 2023

Moody’s: China-Taiwan cross-straits tension will gradually reshape semiconductor supply chain

09 Jan 2023

Asia Pacific region’s economic growth to stay robust despite global risks – Moody’s

19 Dec 2022

Knight Frank report: Asia-Pacific to remain world’s fastest growing despite ongoing challenges

13 Dec 2022

Global chip industry projected to invest more than US$500bil in new factories by 2024

05 Dec 2022

Asean FDI surges 42%, back to pre-pandemic level

04 Dec 2022

Asean highlights three key efforts to promote sustainable city development

04 Dec 2022

EMs are targeting a share of the global EV market

01 Dec 2022

Global semicon equipment billings up 7% y-o-y to US$29 bil in 3Q, says SEMI

30 Nov 2022

Ericsson Mobility Report: 5G to become leading technology in SE Asia by 2028

22 Nov 2022

Asean free trade areas to be upgraded

17 Nov 2022

Scaling EV for future mobility in SEA

16 Nov 2022

Apec ramping up efforts to tackle travel uncertainties

10 Nov 2022

Asean’s economic development benefits from BRI projects, say officials, experts

26 Oct 2022

A clean energy super grid across Asia is closer to reality

25 Oct 2022

More ASEAN businesses are prioritising sustainability in their digital transformation

17 Oct 2022

CEOs in Asia-Pacific confident of weathering looming recession

07 Oct 2022

Global economy to grow by 2.9 pct in 2023 — MoF

23 Sep 2022

JP Morgan: Asean to continue attracting FDI in next 5 to 10 years

21 Sep 2022

Asean can cover two-thirds of energy demand with renewables, says Irena

18 Sep 2022

South-East Asia needs US$210bil annual investment on renewables, says IRENA

08 Sep 2022

Global semiconductor equipment billings up 6% y-o-y to US26.4b in 2Q22, says SEMI

07 Sep 2022

Global semiconductor sales up 7.3% y-o-y in July, but growth slowed, says SIA

07 Sep 2022

Global halal economy to hit US$4.96 trillion by 2030, says Frost & Sullivan

22 Aug 2022

RCEP is ASEAN’s investment magnet, boosted further by CPTPP

17 Aug 2022

Big data can support over US$100 bil worth of opportunities in Southeast Asia, says ADB report

16 Aug 2022

Economy bounces back to pre-pandemic levels

06 Aug 2022

Positive industry outlook

21 Jul 2022

Asia-Pacific economy in better position, still in recovery mode — Moody’s Analytics

15 Jul 2022

Global IT spending to rise to US$4.5 trillion in 2022, says Gartner

13 Jul 2022

Global semiconductor equipment sales on track to hit US$118b in 2022, says SEMI

06 Jul 2022

ADB: Southeast Asia’s green recovery can create RM760 bln investment opportunities yearly

02 Jul 2022

Asean: A region of reopenings and recovery

23 Jun 2022

Global 5G network automation market expected to hit US$5 billion by 2026

19 Jun 2022

Warehouse business catches fire, boosted by pandemic, e-commerce

15 Jun 2022

SEA needs more incentives, financing plans for green investment

14 Jun 2022

Global fab equipment spending to hit record US$109 bil in 2022, says SEMI

14 Jun 2022

Global government IT spending to grow 5% to US$565.7b in 2022, says Gartner

13 Jun 2022

Asean must upskill, reskill for digitalisation

08 Jun 2022

ASEAN continues to be attractive for long-term investment

07 Jun 2022

Global semiconductor sales rose 21.1% y-o-y in April to US$50.9 billion, says SIA

17 May 2022

APEC auto industry accelerates update of new technology vehicles

13 May 2022

Digital trade, technology could aid Southeast Asia’s recovery from the pandemic, says ADB

11 May 2022

US investments in SEA countries creates better economic interaction – analyst

27 Apr 2022

Global semiconductor revenue to grow 13.6% to US$676b in 2022, says Gartner

20 Apr 2022

Asia in action toward green transition, says report

13 Apr 2022

Global semiconductor equipment sales jumped 44% to record US$102.6b in 2021, says SEMI

12 Apr 2022

Investment in AI start-ups hit record high of US$59b in 2021 — data

09 Apr 2022

AI spending in Asia Pacific to reach US$32 bil in 2025 — IDC

08 Apr 2022

Oil and gas to lead global energy spend to a record US$2 trillion in 2022, says Rystad

07 Apr 2022

Global IT spending to reach US$4.4 trillion in 2022, says Gartner

06 Apr 2022

Policy reforms enable Asia to achieve sustainable, inclusive economic growth

06 Apr 2022

Global semiconductor sales rose 32.4% y-o-y in February to US52.5 billion, says SIA

05 Apr 2022

Global electronic system design industry 4Q21 revenue grew 14% y-o-y

23 Mar 2022

Global fab equipment spending to hit record US$107 billion in 2022, says SEMI

13 Mar 2022

4 digital capabilities SEA businesses should focus on in 2022

08 Mar 2022

Global semiconductor equipment materials industry revenue to hit US$1.3tril by 2030, says SEMI

04 Mar 2022

Global semicon sales rose 27% y-o-y in January to US$50.7 billion, says SIA

03 Mar 2022

Southeast Asia ramps up energy transition initiatives

02 Mar 2022

Asean manufacturers see improved conditions

26 Feb 2022

Digital Economy: Long-term growth, but limited upside

12 Feb 2022

Asian semiconductor is a sector you should watch out for

09 Feb 2022

OECD, ASEAN to work on accelerating region’s digital transformation

02 Feb 2022

Top 10 semiconductor buyers increased chip spending by 25.2% in 2021, says Gartner

24 Jan 2022

Global semiconductor revenue rose 25.1% in 2021, breached US$500b mark, says Gartner

18 Jan 2022

Global electronic system design revenue up 17% y-o-y to US$3.46b in 3Q2021, says SEMI

06 Jan 2022

Global semiconductor sales rose 23.5% y-o-y in November to US$49.7 billion, says SIA

30 Dec 2021

Investment in biotech and healthcare boomed during pandemic — data

28 Dec 2021

2021 trend-breaking year for renewables, says Rystad

06 Dec 2021

Global semiconductor sales to exceed US$600b in 2022, says SIA

06 Dec 2021

South Korea, ASEAN agree to quicken customs procedure for their FTA

29 Nov 2021

Asia can be formidable powerhouse post-pandemic

22 Nov 2021

Asean, China must work together to accelerate economic recovery

16 Nov 2021

Shift in value chains beyond manufacturing can benefit developing economies, says report

01 Nov 2021

The EV story in Southeast Asia — CleanTechnica

28 Oct 2021

Asean expected to allow cross border travel soon — Saifuddin

27 Oct 2021

ASEAN looks forward to implement framework to facilitate investment inflow

26 Oct 2021

ASEAN should ratify RCEP soon to boost economic recovery: Singaporean PM

26 Oct 2021

ASEAN, South Korea should strengthen cooperation in digital transformation – PM Ismail Sabri

26 Oct 2021

ASEAN should start allowing safe travel to revive economies, says Thai PM Prayuth

25 Oct 2021

China’s inclusion in CPTPP to give ASEAN shot in the arm

23 Oct 2021

How can Southeast Asia’s microchip industry prevent future shortages?

22 Oct 2021

Gartner identifies 12 top strategic technology trends for 2022

15 Oct 2021

IBM commits to skill 30 mln people globally by 2030

15 Oct 2021

Fully implement global trade agreement, digital technologies

11 Oct 2021

RCEP to boost trade flows and supply chain network in Asia-Pacific

07 Oct 2021

ASEAN nations to benefit from China’s inclusion in CPTPP, says expert

05 Oct 2021

Moody’s: Asia-pacific Resuming Economic Recovery Amid Lower Delta Variant Infections

30 Sep 2021

Economists expect global investors to pivot towards Asia

25 Sep 2021

Developing Asia’s Growth

23 Sep 2021

Digital economy to continue post-pandemic, says Facebook

20 Sep 2021

Covid-19 pandemic speeds innovation shift to Asia, says UN

20 Sep 2021

CEOs more confident about global recovery but supply chain risks weigh

15 Sep 2021

Global fab equipment spending to hit US$100 billion in 2022, says SEMI

14 Sep 2021

ASEAN and India discusses trade pact review, Covid-19 cooperation

13 Sep 2021

With economies on the brink, Southeast Asia chooses to reopen

13 Sep 2021

EY: Asia-Pacific M&A activity hit all-time-high in 1H21, fuelled by technological innovation, ESG agendas

11 Sep 2021

ASEAN to focus on revitalising regional growth and emerging stronger from pandemic

07 Sep 2021

ASEAN ministers to hasten implementation of initiatives for regional recovery

27 Aug 2021

Southeast Asia tech dealmaking booms as investors place post-COVID bets

17 Aug 2021

APEC posts strong Q1 economic growth, set to hit 6.4 pct in 2021

11 Aug 2021

ASEAN Enterprises On Track For Digital Transformation — EY

10 Aug 2021

Southeast Asia on track for busiest M&A year in over a decade despite raging pandemic

28 Jul 2021

The hospitality industry in the ASEAN region may recover in 2022, says AirAsia Malaysia CEO

26 Jul 2021

Speeding up Covid-19 vaccine rollouts should be key foreign policy focus

20 Jul 2021

IMF urges countries to shift from economic rescue to reforms

17 Jul 2021

APEC economic leaders stand united to expedite economic recovery

17 Jul 2021

EU, ASEAN partnership essential for post-pandemic economic recovery

15 Jul 2021

APAC corporates less likely to feel long-term impacts of Covid-19 pandemic, says Knight Frank

13 Jul 2021

Virus curbs in Southeast Asia threaten oil demand recovery

08 Jul 2021

Southeast Asia is world’s fastest-growing mobile wallet market

19 Jun 2021

Global economy to recover in 2H, supported by vaccine rollout

15 Jun 2021

Report: Strategic M&A will drive recovery across Asia Pacific post-pandemic

10 Jun 2021

Global semiconductor sales forecast to hit US$527.2b in 2021, says SIA

03 Jun 2021

Global semiconductor equipment billings rose 51% y-o-y in 1Q21 to US$23.6b, says SEMI

02 Jun 2021

ASEAN manufacturing sector sustained recovery in May — IHS Markit

01 Jun 2021

Asia’s factories sustain expansion but supply squeeze dims outlook

24 May 2021

ASEAN Urged To Collaborate With Private Sector

24 May 2021

Potential for circular economy to drive Asean economic growth

07 May 2021

ASEAN manufacturing growth accelerates in April

05 May 2021

Asia-Pacific can emerge from pandemic stronger by focusing on five areas — ADB president

04 May 2021

Covid-19 pandemic boosted e-commerce in 2020, UN study shows

03 May 2021

Asia Manufacturing Powers Ahead, Even as China PMI Cools

20 Apr 2021

Electrical and electronics among ASEAN’s global integrated industries – AJC

01 Apr 2021

Asian Manufacturing Is Surging on Strong Global Goods Demand

23 Mar 2021

Global semiconductor materials market rose to record US$55.3b in 2020, says SEMI

21 Mar 2021

IMF sees signs of stronger global recovery, but significant risks remain

17 Mar 2021

Green investment, revenue mobilisation, big data can help in Southeast Asia’s recovery — ADB

16 Mar 2021

Global fab equipment spend to log three years of record highs, says SEMI

11 Mar 2021

SEA firms to focus on restructuring, re-skilling, reinventing business sustainably

10 Mar 2021

The coming economic boom will be just a mirage

24 Feb 2021

Bridging the digital divide in Southeast Asia

19 Feb 2021

Pandemic to widen skill gaps as workplaces change, McKinsey says

18 Feb 2021

Plus Solar sees opportunity to change Malaysian mindset on RE potential

18 Feb 2021

Top 10 OEMs accounted for 42% of global semiconductor market in 2020

17 Feb 2021

Global e-commerce buy now pay later spending to surge 400% to US$352b by 2025

08 Feb 2021

Asian chipmakers rush to boost production to meet global shortage

03 Feb 2021

Global silicon wafer revenue stayed stable in 2020 as shipments edged up, says SEMI

02 Feb 2021

Global business travel to grow 21pc in 2021, trade group forecasts

01 Feb 2021

Global semiconductor sales rose 6.5% y-o-y to US$439b in 2020, says SIA

27 Jan 2021

IMF lifts global growth forecast for 2021

26 Jan 2021

World economy to make a comeback this year, led by China, says APIB

20 Jan 2021

ASEAN member states need to move as one bloc in accelerating digitalisation

19 Jan 2021

Conditions in APAC to improve in 2021: Moody’s

19 Jan 2021

Global semiconductor chip sales expected to grow to US$1 trillion in early 2030s

17 Jan 2021

ASEAN needs to promote digital infrastructure development for small businesses, individuals

14 Jan 2021

How global chip shortage is impacting Japan’s carmakers

14 Jan 2021

Global economy can shake off pandemic in 2021, say policymakers, industry leader

12 Jan 2021

Asia’s corporate earnings expected to rise 26.4% in 2021, Refinitiv data shows

06 Jan 2021

APAC to Lead Economic Recovery Post COVID-19 Recession

05 Jan 2021

ASEAN Should Work Towards International Standards in Providing Universal Internet Connectivity

04 Jan 2021

Asian factories bounce back from COVID-19 hit

04 Jan 2021

Asian companies hope for better prospects

31 Dec 2020

Tech, cross-border activities set to drive Asia M&A next year

29 Dec 2020

Asia and emerging markets poised to lead global economic recovery — Manulife Investment Management

24 Dec 2020

Three challenges for Asia’s next generation digital economy – UNESCAP

20 Dec 2020

Asia: Economic Year in Review 2020

15 Dec 2020

Report: Transformation must happen for Asean to realise digital economy potential

15 Dec 2020

A year of RCEP and strengthening trade

12 Dec 2020

RCEP will spur global economy

04 Dec 2020

Global semiconductor sales forecast to rise 5.1% in 2020, jump 8.4% in 2021