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Financial Services

Banking, insurance and capital markets (fund management, investment advisory, financial planning, venture capital and brokerage) are components within the financial services sub-sector. These activities are under the purview of the Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara) for onshore activities, Labuan Financial Services Authority for offshore activities and the Securities Commission Malaysia.

Approved investments in 2019 amounted to RM4.14 billion whereby domestic sources contributed RM3.42 billion while foreign investments totalled RM718 million. A total of 119 high-value job opportunities were created in this sub-sector during the period.

The direction of the financial system in Malaysia is chartered in the Financial Sector Blueprint with the target to shift the sector to the next level by making it more inclusive and fully integrated with the international financial system. Malaysia is also well-positioned to be the global hub for international Islamic finance, leveraging on our strength and leadership in Islamic finance.


Approved Projects

RM 4.14 bil

Total Approved Investment

in 2019


Job Opportunities

Financing activity will transition further towards being more market-based




More market-based




Source: Financial Sector Blueprint, (2011-2020)

Share of Islamic Finance of Total Domestic Financing to Grow Further




Higher share of
Islamic finance




Source: Financial Sector Blueprint, (2011-2020)

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