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Great Place for Work and Life

Great Place for Work and Life

While your business may lead you to Malaysia, we understand that it takes a whole lot more to feel at home. Malaysia is a melting pot of diverse cultures and among the most welcoming and hospitable places in the world to work and live in. Careers are central to a good lifestyle. But life is also about family, friends, education, health and leisure.

In the Expat Insider 2021 survey, Malaysia was ranked 4th as the best destination for expatriates to live and work in, as well as ranking above the global average in every index such as Ease of Settling In and Cost of Living Index. Additionally, in HSBC’s Expat Explorer survey, the world’s largest and longest running study of expat life, Malaysia was ranked among the top 20 best countries in the world to live in, and notably ranked 7th for its cultural, open and welcoming communities.

One of the country’s most distinctive features is its rich diversity of cultures, a heritage derived from its ethnic mix of some of the world’s oldest civilisations. This potpourri of race and culture has enabled Malaysians to speak at least two, and even three, languages – Malay (the national language), English, Mandarin, Tamil and other Asian languages. Living in such a cosmopolitan environment, Malaysians are warm, friendly people who easily accept foreigners into their circle of friends. In Malaysia, not only are there abundant business opportunities, you can expect unique, colourful experiences and lasting friendships.

World-Class Healthcare Services in Malaysia

Malaysia remains among the top retirement destinations due to the country’s relatively lower cost of living, temperate weather as well as affordable healthcare. Our world-class healthcare services are fully equipped with modern and sophisticated infrastructure. It is easy to get an appointment to see a specialist here. It is a simple process of registering at a hospital and waiting in line to see the doctor of your choice.


Personalised healthcare is underway and gaining momentum in Malaysia. The country was ranked 8th in the Personalised Healthcare Index for Asia Pacific by FutureProofing Healthcare and Roche. This index serves to measure the readiness and resilience of health systems in the Asia Pacific region. The index also showed that Malaysia scored well on the availability of funding, ranking third on the amount of financial support to scale up towards personalised healthcare.


In Malaysia, locals and tourists are treated by some of the most highly trained doctors and healthcare professionals in the region. The Joint Commission International (JCI), which is recognised as the world’s most trusted name in accreditation, acknowledges the available talent in the country. In 2021, Datuk Dr. Jacob Thomas became the first Malaysian to be appointed as JCI’s Chairman.



I think there is nothing more important than making sure the patients that come to our hospitals are safe. One way to ensure that is to look at patient safety, quality of care, and looking at outcomes. All this happens when you are accredited by one of many international accrediting bodies.

– Datuk Dr. Jacob Thomas, Chairman of the Joint Commission International (JCI), 2021

Malaysia Healthcare - Quality, Accessible & Affordable Medical Care


State-of-the-art technology, medical expertise and experience are provided here, complete with international accreditation and are well-recognised.

Quality Standards

Stringent quality and safety standards set by the Ministry of Health.

Skilled Talent

Expertly trained healthcare professionals from reputable institutions in Malaysia, UK, Australia and USA.

Global Recognition

National and international accreditations, eg. MSQH, JCI, ACHS.

Ease of Communication

The plethora of languages spoken here makes you feel that you are not too far from home. Almost all doctors speak fluent English.

Easy Accessibility

Minimal wait hours with access to specialists and various treatments.

Competitive Affordability

Treatment costs are monitored by the Ministry of Health.

Global Halal Hub

Providing consumers with more options and meeting your requirements in religious needs.

Malaysia is one of the world’s leading medical value destinations, where patients can realize up to 80% savings on a wide range of procedures and treatments in first-class hospitals and clinics.

– Patients Without Borders (2020)

Quality Education System

The Malaysian education system caters to a wide range of community. We have a large number of public and private schools, with a comprehensive curriculum that is regulated by the Ministry of Education. Expatriates are also given the option to enroll your children in the many highly ranked international schools that cater to the teaching methodologies and curriculum of their country of origin. 

This includes Heriot-Watt University in Putrajaya, Curtin University in Sarawak, University of Reading Malaysia and Xiamen University Malaysia.



Comfortable and Affordable Housing

There is a wide selection of comfortable housing in Malaysia. According to a survey on expatriate living costs by the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce & Industry, monthly rentals for accommodation can range from as low as RM2,500 – 3,800 (USD590 – USD960) for a furnished 3-bedroom condominium in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur to approximately RM15,000 (USD3,500) for a luxury bungalow in a posh neighbourhood nearer to the city.

The Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) has also launched the Malaysia Smart City Framework to accommodate the future emerging technology trend as well as the Malaysia SDG Cities Roadmap, a framework to support cities and regions in the country towards becoming a sustainable urban nation.

Monthly Rentals

RM2,500 – 3,800/ USD590 – USD960

for a furnished 3-bedroom condominium in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur

Monthly Rentals

RM15,000/ USD3,500

for a luxury bungalow in a posh neighbourhood nearer to the city

Unsurpassed Lifestyle

Life in Malaysia is an adventure. The year-long warm and sunny climate offers an unsurpassed lifestyle, especially for people who love the outdoors. Families can spend many an exciting weekend at Malaysia’s national parks with their magnificent rivers and mountains, fly to one of the many island retreats for snorkelling and scuba diving, drive for a game of golf in a cool hill resort, shop-till-you-drop in any ultra-modern shopping complexes or factory outlets, or have an unforgettable experience of fun and adventure at one of Malaysia’s sprouting amusement parks.

Food Paradise

Malaysian cuisine is, like the country itself, culturally rich and diverse. The sum of various delicious parts, Malaysian cuisine includes Malay, Chinese and Indian influences. Whether you like street food under oversized umbrellas, or if you prefer five-star dining, Malaysia has something for every appetite.

Back to Nature

Malaysia is one of the leading dive destinations in the world, with one of the richest marine environments in the Indo-Pacific Basin. The incredible biodiversity of marine life, coupled with warm, clear waters, beautiful islands and breathtaking beaches keep divers coming back to Malaysia.

Diving sites in Malaysia include Tioman Island and Aur Island in Johor, Kapas Island and Perhentian Island in Terengganu and Mantanani, Mataking, Mabul and Sipadan in Sabah. Imagine sandy beaches and turquoise tropical waters rich in rainbow-coloured sea life. Malaysia is a true gift to lovers of the sea.

There are also plenty nature reserves and hiking trails across Malaysia to be explored. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind by hiking through Malaysia’s mesmerizing flora and fauna, and reward yourself with breathtaking peak views. These include Taman Negara (National Park Malaysia), Bako National Park, KL Forest Eco Park, Broga Hill, Penang Hill, and Mount Kinabalu.

Shop to Your Heart’s Content

Malaysia is a world-class shopping destination. From the giant malls with trendy designer stores and premium outlets to the night market stalls and pop-up collectors market, Malaysia is a shopper’s paradise. The One Utama Shopping Centre is the largest shopping mall in the country and the seventh-largest retail space in the world. Malaysia features hundreds of duty-free outlets in airports and tourist attractions like the tropical island paradises of Langkawi and Labuan. Up north to Penang and down south to Johor, or across the ocean to East Malaysia, the country offers plenty of options to tickle your shopping fancy.

Vibrant Culture and Arts

Malaysian culture draws upon the various people in the country. From indigenous tribes to Malay, Chinese and Indian cultural influences, it has made us the melting pot of Asia. Malaysia is one of the world’s best producers of lion dance costumes, which can be seen colourfully displayed during the Lunar New Year celebrations. Malaysian Batik is one of the oldest textile arts around and usually seen in official garments with floral motifs. We have our unique shadow puppetry called the Wayang Kulit, which is used in storytelling that dates back generations. Malaysia also has over 130 museums to enrich visitors with information and exhibits on the country’s history, culture and heritage. Among them include the National Museum, Islamic Arts Museum, State Museums of Melaka and Petrosains Museum.

Experience Tropical Nightlife

Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant city complete with an incredible nightlife scene. There is something for everyone with its exclusive restaurants, hip bars, trendy nightclubs, and cool karaoke spots. There are many trendy nightlife spots in the city such as TREC which can draw crowds of thousands during weekends with its hipster speakeasies, comedy clubs, piano bars and many others to fit any musical taste. The Roof 1 First Avenue, Mantra Bangsar and the Wet Deck at the stylish W Kuala Lumpur hotel are fashionable establishments that offer some of the best views of the city skyline.

Thrilling Sporting Events

Malaysia features world-class sporting facilities and hosts many exciting international events.


Le Tour de Langkawi is an annual race sanctioned by the International Cycling Union (UCI). The Penang International Dragon Boat Festival offers thrills as teams battle for glory.  The ATP Malaysian Open provides tennis fans with dazzling entertainment.

Besides watching sports, you can work on your golf game at one of our 200 golf courses including some designed by legends such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Ernie Els. Beat the heat and swing at night at premier golf courses that provide glare-free floodlights.

Improve your game and your business in Malaysia.