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Soft Space

Soft Space is a mobile payments technology company, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Soft Space focuses on the development of innovative solutions for the banking and payment industry. The Soft Space MPOS solution is internationally certified and is used by 8 financial institutions across Asia.

Being a young tech start up, it is heart-warming to see the government appreciating and supporting young technology companies, dispelling the conventional perception that only larger companies benefit from it.

With the help of MIDA (R&D, Certification, Training and Outsourcing grant), Soft Space is now able to accelerate its growth and innovation capability in a shorter period of time. This also enables Soft Space build strong R&D fundamentals as we introduce new products such as Chip & Pin, Contactless and Proximity Payment in the coming months.

Throughout the whole process of attaining the grant to the follow through, MIDA has been highly informative, professional and helpful. We at Soft Space are grateful to our appointed MIDA team especially our account manager who has always been around to give a helping hand. Soft Space is on track, expanding rapidly and marking our presence globally.