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Pekat Solar Sdn Bhd

Pekat Solar Sdn Bhd

In the year 1999, just before the whole world ushered in the much waited and arrival of the new millennium, the Pekat Group was formed. Our directors, individuals who are deeply passionate and relentless in their profession, quickly set out to build the company, driving themselves through hours of hard work and upholding a mantra of achievement that is nothing less than excellence.

Within a few short years, The Pekat Group managed to enhance its reputation internationally as an esteemed specialist and solutions provider in the design, supply, installation of lightning protection, earthing and surge protection systems. Those years of exposure, skills and expertise in their initial industry provided the group with an invaluable foundation to embrace the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Renewal Energy business. Pekat Solar is the subsidiary that specialised in EPCC (engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning) solar energy management system. It has successfully commissioned up to 50MWP of the solar PV system by 2019. The move proves not only timely but also strategic, for the rich experience in lightning, earthing and surge now complements and provides Pekat with a more holistic approach to the Solar PV business. It is indeed an advantage few others can claim to have.

Today, Pekat Solar is one of the leading Solar Service Provider in Malaysia. Please visit Pekat’s website at