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Knowles Electronics

Knowles Electronics

Knowles’ capability in highly refined audio design and manufacturing are derived from decades of leadership in the field of hearing health. Having pioneered the hearing aid component marketplace in the 1950’s, Knowles Electronics, founded in 1946, continues to be the undisputed leader in this market today, contributing new ideas for the application of sound in both hearing aid design and applications beyond.

The Corporate recently approve to further invest in building additional two floors on the current building to four storey’s at a cost of US$10 million. This expansion further indicates Knowles confidence in Malaysia as one of the main manufacturing operations centre for our highly refined miniature acoustic transducers – microphones.

“There are several reasons why Knowles choose to invest and do business in Malaysia. Firstly, Malaysia is supported by well educated, dedicated and highly trained workforce, a result from the success of multinationals operations over the last three decades here. Then, the pro-business and investment friendly policies of the Malaysian government give further impetus to foreign investment into the country.

Finally, there is the excellent infrastructure and supply chain support to make Malaysia very cost competitive to operate in,” says Ray Cabrera, Vice President and Chief Administration Officer of Knowles Electronics. Knowles looks forward to achieve greater success in our venture in Malaysia and we have the confidence that it can be attained.