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The trend in market expansion and globalisation that started a few years ago pushed Alcatel, one of the world leaders in telecommunications system supply, to strengthen its presence in foreign markets. Conscious of the enormous growth potential of the Asian market, Alcatel chose Malaysia as its regional platform for marketing and industrial activities. For us, there were a number of good-sense business reasons.

Firstly, Malaysia represents an important and developed market for high-end Alcatel products. Secondly, Malaysia is centrally located in South-East Asia and it possesses an advanced infrastructure, a skilled labour force, and all the necessary supporting industries. Thirdly, the government of Malaysia has shown that, even in times of crisis, it is committed to remain actively pro-business and to provide a stable environment to transact in.

Finally, Malaysia has many natural assets and is culturally very rich and diverse. It is definitely a pleasant country to live and work in.