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Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Division

Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Division

Our Functions

  • Plan, formulate and review policies, guidelines, strategic directions and action plans that are related to developing the services sector (selected services sector) in Malaysia such as the industrial policy framework and incentives (fiscal and non-fiscal)
  • Coordinate and prepare investment-related incentive and facilitation proposals related to the services sector for the Annual Budget Announcement, as well as Services Sectorial Studies and inputs on the services sector for reports, speeches, dialogues, parliament questions and International Corporation matters
  • Custodian of policies, guidelines and procedures for the following:-
    • Services Incentives (fiscal and non-fiscal).
    • Strategic Papers/Reports for services development.
    • Compendium for incentives of related services sub-sectors
  • Implement and follow-up on decisions made at Post Cabinet Meetings, MITI Management Meetings and Economic Council Meetings
  • Effective 25 November 2020, Incentive Coordination and Collaboration Office (ICCO), has been placed as a unit under the Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Division. The function of ICCO are as follows:
    • One-Stop Centre for Businesses
    • A Central Coordinator on Incentives Offered by Relevant Ministries and Agencies
    • An Advisor to Incentives Approvers


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Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Division

Level 27, MIDA Sentral
No.5, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Information

No. Name Position Direct Line Division Email (
1.Hasfazuraina HasbiDirector+603-2263 2460Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Divisionhasfazuraina
2.Suthashini SupramaniamSr. Deputy Director+603-2263 2444Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Divisionsuthashini
3.Azlina HussinDeputy Director+603-2267 6770Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) DivisionazlinaH
4.Siti Khadijah Mohd MansorDeputy Director+603-2267 6696Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Divisionkhadijah
5.Syamal MohdSr. Assistant Director+603-2267 3548Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Divisionsyamal
6.Saiyidah @ Shahreda Shahril Mohd SallehSr. Assistant Director+603-2267 3553Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Divisionsaiyidah
7.Zam Suhadi OthmanSr. Assistant Director+603-2263 2409Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Divisionzamsuhadi
8.Erwan Kurnyawan Eddy ShuhaimiAssistant Director+603-2267 3442Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Divisionerwan
9.Siti Suraya Mohd YunosAssistant Director+603-2267 3639Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Divisionsitisuraya
10.Yagacillan AsoganAssistant Director+603-2267 3470Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Divisionyagacillan
11.Siti Nuru Hasanah YaacobPersonal Assistant+603-2267 3405Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Divisionsnuru