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Foreign Investment Division

Foreign Investment Division

Our Functions

  • Promote foreign investments in Malaysia’s manufacturing and services sectors.
  • Assist foreign investors on investment related matters.
  • Coordinate activities of MIDA's overseas offices.
  • Evaluate applications for Regional Establishments/Regional Offices (RE/RO) status.


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Tel : +603-2267 3456
Fax : +603-2260 5488


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Foreign Investment Promotion Division

Level 19, MIDA Sentral
No.5, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Information

No. Name Position Direct Line Email (
2.Sukri Abu BakarSr. Deputy Director+603- 2267 3685sukri
3.Lim Ming YeeSr. Deputy Director+603-2267 3762maylim
4.Nurullydia AhmadDeputy Director+603-2267 3455nurullydia
5.Mohd Hamim Hamdan MustafaDeputy Director+603-2267 6743hamim
6.Navena ThambirajahDeputy Director+603-2267 6745navena
7.Syahiran Amir HamzahAssistant Director+603-2267 6685syahiran
8.Khairul Azlan IdrisAssistant Director+603-2267 3545kazlan
9.Muhammad Haikal SamsudinAssistant Director+603-2267 6698haikal
10.Khairul Azhar Amil HamzahAssistant Director+603-2267 3680kazhar
11.Mohammed Syafiq Mohd ShokriAssistant Director+603-2267 6619msyafiq
12.Por Yee YunAssistant Director+603-2267 3772yeeyun
13.Hasman Repi Ahmad RepiAsst. Executive+603-2267 3472hasman
14.Juezwan MohamadAsst. Executive+603-2267 3755juezwan
15.Mohd Azim Mohd ShariffAsst. Executive+603-2267 6768azim
16.Noor Haliwati Md TolahPersonal Assistant+603-2267 3456haliwatit