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Malaysia’s Petrochemical Industry

Malaysia’s Petrochemical Industry

A Perfect Time to Benefit from Malaysia’s Petrochemical Infrastructure

Through the harnessing of its oil and gas reserves and the forging of smart partnerships with some of the world’s largest petroleum companies, Malaysia has established the ideal infrastructure to support a vibrant petrochemical industry.

Over the years, a significant number of domestic and foreign companies have established their presence in Malaysia and continued upgrading or expanding their plant capacity. To name a few of these influential companies include Hengyuan (formerly known as Shell Refining), Petron, BASF, Lotte Chemical Titan, Idemitsu, Toray Group, Penfibre, Kaneka, Eastman Chemicals, Eternal, Polyplastic, UPC Group, Recron, Synthomer, Dairen, Mitsui and Reliance Group.