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GDEX: Delivering Excellence in the Region

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GDEX: Delivering Excellence in the Region

In the bustling tapestry of Malaysia’s business landscape, one company has not only weathered the tides of time but has also charted a remarkable course across borders.


Established in 1997, GDEX Berhad has evolved into a trailblazer in domestic and international express delivery services, with a story that weaves through Southeast Asia.

Established in 1997, GDEX Berhad is a leading domestic and international express delivery services provider in Malaysia. GDEX has an increasing presence in Southeast Asia, with operations in Singapore, Indonesia (via SAP Express), and Vietnam (via NETCO Post). GDEX has also developed its digital logistics platform, myGDEX, which is available in Malaysia, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia.


Through its investee companies, GDEX also offers comprehensive digital solutions, such as cloud-based point-of-sales (POS) system, e-commerce and customised web and software solutions, as well as Artificial Intelligence-enabled cybersecurity solutions.

Going Global

The decision to go global was not taken lightly. As both domestic and international companies expanded their footprints across Asean, GDEX recognised a unique opportunity to be the cornerstone of this growth. The GDEX Ecosystem was born, providing crucial support for companies looking to extend their reach.

Kickstarting international investments were never easy. There is more due diligence to be made, and this takes time. From GDEX’s experience with its regional expansion, the company had to work with many professional advisers, legal and tax professionals, as well as merchant banks to assist.

Figure 1: The GDEX Ecosystem
Critical Questions and Considerations

As any business contemplates expansion, GDEX emphasises three (3) important questions: Will the expansion address customers’ needs? Does it enhance scalability? And perhaps most crucially, does the business possess the right talents to execute those expansion plans? These are the three (3) important matters to consider before embarking on an expansion plan – on top of having sufficient working capital and partners who will work hand-in-hand to materialise the plan.

Government Support as a Catalyst

GDEX’s growth was catalysed by support from MIDA, which granted GDEX the Pioneer Status and International Integrated Logistics Services (IILS) status. This not only eased operational restrictions but also empowered GDEX with the financial means to reinvest and flourish.


Looking ahead, GDEX advocates for continued collaboration with MIDA and urges regulators to tailor policies that fortify homegrown companies vying for global prominence. Adapting existing frameworks will accelerate the ascent of domestic champions onto the global stage.

Partnerships: The Essence of Progress

In the symphony of GDEX’s success, partnerships play a harmonious tune. Collaborations with domestic and global partners have been instrumental in the company’s continued expansion. GDEX has metamorphosed into an enabler, mobilising businesses and offering solutions to the multifaceted challenges of a global marketplace.


Businesses venturing into the region can work with GDEX’s subsidiaries and partners, such as Xilnex for point-of-sales solutions, Sweetmag for web enterprise solutions, and the renowned Shopify, for e-commerce. To address cybersecurity concerns, Anon Security’s many principals and partners can provide solutions that cater to the needs of every business.


Supported by shareholders like Japan’s Yamato Group and Singapore Post, GDEX has become the go-to-market player for businesses seeking to expand in the region.


The story of GDEX is one of audacious ventures, strategic collaborations, and an unwavering commitment to being a catalyst for growth. The collaboration goes beyond mere logistics – it’s about delivering solutions and creating an indelible mark in the evolving narrative of global business.