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Transforming Investment to Prosperity: The Vital Role of MIDA’s Project Implementation andFacilitation Office (TRACK)

>Highlights>Transforming Investment to Prosperity: The Vital Role of MIDA’s Project Implementation andFacilitation Office (TRACK)

Transforming Investment to Prosperity: The Vital Role of MIDA’s Project Implementation and Facilitation Office (TRACK)

On 1 June 2023, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) unveiled the Project Implementation and Facilitation Office – TRACK, formerly known as Project Acceleration and Coordination Unit (PACU), as an ambitious game changer to accelerate project implementation process. TRACK provides end-to-end facilitation services to projects approved by the National Committee of Investment (NCI), employing a proactive intervention approach to ensure a seamless transition from project approval to implementation. With the integration of the On-Track digital system – an online real-time project tracking system, TRACK has revolutionised the way projects are monitored and managed, placing transparency and accountability at the forefront.


In just three years since its inception, TRACK has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in successfully accelerating the implementation of approved manufacturing projects. Notably, from 2016 to May 2023 – there was a commendable surge in the implementation rate, capitulating from 60% to an impressive 80%. This outstanding performance underscores the fact that the majority of approved manufacturing projects have been successfully implemented, resulting in a ripple effect of spill over for Malaysia and the rakyat. These include a surge in job opportunities, the thriving of supply chain business ventures, increased reliance on local services, boosted export earnings and many more.


To achieve a higher project implementation rate, TRACK recognises the crucial need for support from various stakeholders. With this in mind, TRACK fosters strong collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders such as State Authorities, Utility and Telecommunication Providers, Customs as well as Environmental Department. This concerted effort ensures the swift acquisition of all necessary permits, licenses, and infrastructure, thereby easing the investors’ journey.


In addition, to governmental bodies, TRACK places great emphasis on maintaining close relationships with investors. Recognising that each investor has unique needs and preferences, TRACK offers specialised assistance to guide companies through Malaysia’s dynamic business landscape. This year alone, a series of impactful TRACK Facilitation – Business Engagement Sessions has been conducted, spanning seven states with the participation of over 400 attendees. This programme, which brings together pertinent ministries, agencies and industry players in a single platform, serves to foster a holistic and collaborative approach towards the shared goal – translating investment into prosperity.


For investors seeking additional information or would like to make enquiries about the transformative potential of TRACK, a dedicated contact is ready to assist. Reach out to +603-2267 3633 or +603-2267 6719, or drop an e-mail to [email protected]. Embrace the future of transforming investment to prosperity with TRACK, as MIDA stands poised to guide you towards success and prosperity.

Success Stories
Texas Instruments

“We are very thankful for MIDA (TRACK) team’s fantastic facilitation work in solving the IWK pipeline alignment issue for our Melaka expansion. Without this intervention, our construction project would have been severely delayed. We look forward to continue to work with MIDA for their quick responses in ironing out investment and operational challenges.” – Texas Instruments


ND Paper

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation to MIDA (TRACK) team for their outstanding support and facilitation of our project in Malaysia. The TRACK platform was a valuable resource for us, and it helped us to streamline the approval process and get our project up and running quickly. We were particularly impressed with the efficiency and responsiveness of the MIDA officers who worked with us. They were always available to answer our questions and provide guidance, and they went above and beyond to help us to overcome any challenges that we faced.


We are confident that our project would not have been as successful without the support of MIDA and MITI. We are grateful for their commitment to making Malaysia a great place to do business, and we look forward to maintain our fruitful long-lasting relationship.” – ND Paper