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Established in 1992, Baerlocher Malaysia, represents the Baerlocher group of companies as the leading additive supplier for the plastic industry in Asia, the Pacific Rim and the Middle East.

Apart from serving the local markets over 90% of its products are exported to Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Middle East, Taiwan, South Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Located in Seremban close to the capital Kuala Lumpur, the company manufactures Calcium-based and traditional based PVC stabilizers for rigid plasticized applications like pipe and profile-, window-, cable-, wire-, flexible hoses-, synthetic leather-, flooring-, rigid film-, packaging and many more.

Baerlocher Malaysia uses its own patented AV technology to manufacture high purity metal stearates such as zinc stearate and calcium stearate which are widely used in polymer, rubber, building, paper and wood lacquer applications. The AV technology is able to produce low-dust granules and powder product forms.