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Investment Compliance Division

Investment Compliance Division

Our Functions

  • Monitor the approval of Tax Incentives as provided under the Promotion of Investments Act 1986 and Income Tax Act 1967
  • Evaluate post -incentive applications approved under the Investment Promotion Act, 1986 (PIA 1986) and the Income Tax Act, 1967 such as the issuance of a Pioneer Status Certificate and the determination of the effective date of the Incentive
  • Monitor compliance with incentive conditions for Pioneer Status, Investment Tax Allowance or Pre-Package that have been approved in accordance with the Investment Promotion Act 1986 or the Income Tax Act 1967
  • Process approval for the issuance of Manufacturing License Certificate by ensuring compliance under the Industrial Coordination Act 1975 and State Government Legislation
  • Evaluate Post-Licencing applications such as applications for change of equity, change of Board of Directors and amendments to the conditions of Manufacturing Licenses in accordance with the Industrial Coordination Act 1975
  • Identify Post-Incentive and Licensing issues and propose improvement mechanisms to key stakeholders
  • Provide consulting and advisory services to stakeholders on legislation, policies and procedures related to Incentive and Licencing compliance issues


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Investment Compliance Division

Level 29, MIDA Sentral
No.5, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Information

No. Name Position Direct Line Division Email (
1.Roslina OthmanDirector+603-2267 3500Investment Compliance Divisionroslina
2.Hadiatul Rahiya MuhamzahSr. Deputy Director+603-2267 6692Investment Compliance Divisionhadiatul
3.Zai Suhana Mohd ZinDeputy Director+603-2267 3429Investment Compliance Divisionzaisuhana
4.Nik Nasri Nik AhmadDeputy Director+603-2263 2443Investment Compliance Divisionniknasri
5.Mohammad Farhan MansorSr. Assistant Director+603-2267 3756Investment Compliance Divisionfarhan
6.Ahmad Hafeez HamdanSr. Assistant Director+603-2267 3646Investment Compliance Divisionhafeez
7.Norsyafreena RosleeSr. Assistant Director+603-2267 6754Investment Compliance Divisionnorsyafreena
8.Mazidah Mohd ZainAssistant Director+603-2267 6635Investment Compliance Divisionmazidah
9.Sharifah Fatimah Sy Mohamed AlHabshiAssistant Director+603-2267 3622Investment Compliance Divisionsfatimah
10.Shalini RamakrishnanAssistant Director+603-2267 6702Investment Compliance Divisionshalini
11.Khairul Nisak MohamadiahAssistant Director+603-2267 6653Investment Compliance Divisionkhairulnisak
12.Norazrin AtanAssistant Director+603-2263 2569Investment Compliance DivisionnorazrinA
13.Mohd Khuzairie Mohd TaufikAssistant Director+603-2267 3699Investment Compliance Divisionkhuzairie
14.Muhammad Zulhilmi Mohamad SaleehAssistant Director+603-2263 2484Investment Compliance Divisionzulhilmi
15.Hasman Repi Ahmad RepiAssistant Executive+603-2267 3472Investment Compliance Divisionhasman
16.Salbiah HashimPersonal Assistant+603-2263 2596Investment Compliance DivisionsalbiahH