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Green Technology Division

Green Technology Division

Our Functions

  • Evaluate applications for tax incentives related to green technology, sustainable and environmental related activities and initiatives
  • Monitor the development of approved projects and evaluate post-approval applications
  • Conduct conferences, seminars, workshops and specific project missions to attract foreign and domestic investment as well as to encourage expansion/diversification by existing companies
  • Organise dialogues with industry associations to identify the roadblocks and direction of the industry towards the development of a comprehensive industry ecosystem in Malaysia
  • Provide dedicated assistance to investors in these business services
  • Services Covered:
    • Green technology projects in renewable energy (RE), energy efficiency (EE), green building, green data centre, and integrated waste management
    • Services related to renewable energy (RE), energy efficiency (EE), electric vehicle (EV), green building, green data centre, green certification and verification, and green township
    • Gas & Radiation Sterilisation Services


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Tel : +603-2267 6669
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Green Technology Division

Level 25, MIDA Sentral
No.5, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Information

No. Name Position Direct Line Email (
1.Wan Hashimah Wan SallehDirector+603-2267 3540whashimah
2.Yusni binti Md. YusopSr. Deputy Director+603-2267 3681yusni
3.Ruzlisham Mat DiahDeputy Director+603-2267 6648ruzlisham
4.Gogielan Nantha KumarSr. Assistant Director+603-2267 6637gogielan
5.Vejapremma MunisamySr. Assistant Director+603-2267 3408premma
6.Hanis Ilyana Md IsaAssistant Director+603-2267 6694hanis
7.Ahmad Syafiq Mohd DaronAssistant Director+603-2267 3544asyafiq
8.Nur Alieya Mohd IbrahimAssistant Director+603-2267 3572nuralieya
9.David Hew Chenn ChingAssistant Director+603-2267 3459cchew
10.Nur Nabila AhmadAssistant Director+603-2267 6751nurnabila
11.Yagacillan AsoganAssistant Director+603-2267 3470yagacillan
12.Mirza Hakim YusriAssistant Director+603-2267 3476mirza
13.Nur Adyanie MohamadAssistant Director+603-2267 6730adyanie
14.Muhammad Naim Asyhraf Ahmad TajudinAssistant Director+603-2267 6738naim
15.Gilbert Hon Joe HangAssistant Director+603-2267 3758gilbert
16.Syamin Izzaisyh JamaluddinAssistant Director+603-2267 3767syamin
17.Nurul Adibah NadzmanAssistant Director+603-2267 3760adibah
18.Nik Muhammad Azlan Nik ZuraikAssistant Director+603-2267 3583nikazlan
19.Junaida JamaludinPersonal Assistant+603-2267 6669junaida