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Corporate Management Division

Corporate Management Division

Our Functions

  • Provide support services on administrative requests and activities
  • Facilitate and supervise procurement requests and activities for MIDA HQ, MIDA State and Overseas Centres
  • Supervise and assist the coordination of activities under the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015
  • Manage, supervise and monitor MIDA’s assets and facilities, as well as maintenance work, mechanical rectification system, electrical, enhancement and installation work of the office building


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Tel : +603 2267 3512
Fax : +603 2274 7970


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Corporate Management Division

Level 14, MIDA Sentral
No.5, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Information

No. Name Position Direct Line Division Email (
1.Normi AliasDirector+603-2267 3789Corporate Management Divisionnormi
2.Zainal Abdul RahmanSr. Deputy Director+603-2267 3478Corporate Management Divisionzainalrahman
3.Roswaidin Mohd ZainSr. Deputy Director+603-2267 3420Corporate Management Divisionroswaidin
4.Suriani YahyaSr. Deputy Director+603 -2267 6651Corporate Management Divisionsuriani
5.Azilah RamliDeputy Director+603-2267 6721Corporate Management Divisionazilah
6.Ismadi IsmailDeputy Director+603-2267 3402Corporate Management Divisionismadi
7.Rahiza Rehan Che RahimSr. Assistant Director+603-2267 3559Corporate Management Divisionrahiza
8.Mohd Adham MuhammadSr. Assistant Director+603-2267 3542Corporate Management Divisionmohdadham
9.Haslinda HassanAssistant Director+603-2263 2511Corporate Management Divisionhaslinda
10.Nurliza YazidAssistant Director+603-2267 3645Corporate Management Divisionnurlizayazid
11.Ahmad Nazarudin Mohd KhairudinAssistant Director+603-2267 6689Corporate Management Divisionnazarudin
12.Muhamad Amin Meera TambiAssistant Director+603-2263 2433Corporate Management Divisionamin
13.Syahminudin Md. ShaaraniAssistant Director+603 2263 2471Corporate Management Divisionsyahminudin
14.Syihabuddin Ahmad MohamadAssistant Director+603-2267 6697Corporate Management Divisionsyihabuddin
15.Maswanee Abdullah @MuhammadAssistant Director+603-2267 6636Corporate Management Divisionmaswanee
16.Mohd Izzat AzmiAssistant Director+603-2263 2551Corporate Management Divisionmohd.izzat
17.Nurul Hanis KamarudinAssistant Director+603-2267 3649Corporate Management Divisionnurulhanis
18.Siti Aisyah Khairul AswadAssistant Director+603-2267 3648Corporate Management Divisionaisyah
19.Ab. Rahman AnasAssistant Engineer+603-2267 3713Corporate Management DivisionrahmanA
20.Ariff Zamir LokmanAssistant Executive+603-2267 3549Corporate Management Divisionariffzamir
21.Putri Sarah Lina Megat AriffinAssistant Executive+603-2263 2429Corporate Management Divisionputrisarah
22.Mohd As-Bahazammi MustafaAssistant Executive+603-2267 3598Corporate Management Divisionasbahazammi
23.Johari Abd WahabAssistant Executive+603-2263 2578Corporate Management DivisionjohariAW
24.Mohd Riduan KhairudinAssistant Executive+603-2263 2476Corporate Management Divisionmdriduan
25.Noreen Shariza SharifAssistant Executive+603-2267 3741Corporate Management Divisionnoreen
26.Fathilah Hanum RidzwanAssistant Executive+603-2263 2457Corporate Management Divisionfathilah
27.Hafizah ZaaimuddinPersonal Assistant+603-2267 3512Corporate Management Divisionhafizahz