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Smart Glove Where Quality Goes Hand In Hand With Innovation

>Going Global Series>Smart Glove Where Quality Goes Hand In Hand With Innovation

Smart Glove’s innovative products keep it at the top of the game

Smart Glove Where Quality Goes Hand In Hand With Innovation Smart Glove’s innovative products keep it at the top of the game

Ever since its establishment in 1995, glove manufacturer Smart Glove Holdings Berhad has gone on to become a globally-recognised leading innovator armed with a wealth of experience and expertise, whose products cater to various industries including medical, dental, surgical, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), cleanroom, and food and beverage (F&B).


Smart Glove’s team of experts led by Founder and Executive Chairman, Mr. Foo Khon Pu has pioneered several patented, first-of-their-kind gloves for the global industry, including the production of nitrile medical gloves in Malaysia.


The company constantly pushes the boundaries of research and innovation in order to provide hand care solutions and products that are cutting edge, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, and which also exceed quality expectations.

The industry leader has dedicated itself in the past decade to providing sustainable products. In 2017, Smart Glove was the first to produce extraordinarily light and soft synthetic nitrile gloves, the lightest and thinnest available nitrile glove available in the global market today. That same year, it launched its C-Series line of synthetic hybrid polychloroprene gloves that proved to be lighter, thinner, and more durable than other chloroprene models.


In 2019, Smart Glove also invented the nitrile “Metal-Detectable Gloves”, which are used in foodprocessing to ensure that any food contamination due to torn glove pieces is detectable at the production level. A year later, Smart Glove invented the biodegradable gloves which are specially formulated to shorten the time taken to biodegrade in landfills (in an anaerobic environment).


These innovative offerings of hybrid polychloroprene, ultra-lightweight, and electrostatic dissipative gloves has their own brand of products across different industry segments, including iChef; Gen-X; iDental; SmartMedic; SmartClean; Metalman; and iSafe.


In 2021, Smart Glove started a new chapter by expanding its capacity to cater to the growing market for disposable synthetic gloves, where the company expects to increase by more than two-fold its current capacity of 20 billion pieces per annum by the year 2025.


Smart Glove Group currently operates with modern purpose-built facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia, with Singapore acting as the group’s supply chain hub. Smart Glove has a close relationship with its broad customer base in more than 70 countries, and effectively supplies healthcare protection globally.


As a strategic partner to foreign and domestic businesses, MIDA helps investors discover the potential of Malaysia with relevant government initiatives. Please contact MIDA’s Life Sciences & Medical Technology Division for more information.