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Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions Redefines the Global Mining Industry

>Why Malaysia Series>Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions Redefines the Global Mining Industry

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions Redefines the Global Mining Industry

Are you ready to dive into the world of cutting-edge technology and sustainability? Introducing Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions, a business area within the renowned Sandvik Group, a Swedish multinational engineering company founded in 1892, and a global leader in providing top-of-the-line equipment, tools and digital solutions for the mining and construction sectors.


Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions’ aim is to provide durable equipment, innovative digital solutions, and sustainable technologies that boost productivity, profitability, and, most importantly, drive towards a fossil-free future. Among the company’s notable equipment offerings are trucks and loaders that seamlessly transport valuable ore and rock deposits from deep underground mines.


As the global demand for electrification metals, such as copper; mine operators are eagerly embracing sustainable alternatives, transitioning from diesel-operated equipment and ushering towards the future of mining: battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is leading the way as the foremost mining BEV manufacturer. To meet this ever-growing thirst for the company’s groundbreaking technology, the company is growing its operations by establishing a new production unit in the 445-hectare Sendayan TechValley business park, solely dedicated to manufacturing underground mining loaders and trucks. Situated just 70 kilometres south of Malaysia’s vibrant capital, Kuala Lumpur, and a short distance west of the captivating state capital, Seremban, this strategic location ensures convenient access to key industrial hubs. Additionally, the factory is advantageously positioned 90 kilometres southeast of Port Klang, Malaysia’s largest seaport and one of the busiest container terminals globally, the factory enjoys seamless logistics and unparalleled access to global markets.


Why Malaysia is Attractive for Sandvik


The Malaysian government’s commitment to fostering foreign investments is truly inspiring. “Malaysia is among the most technologically developed countries in Southeast Asia and has abundant skilled labour, strong local industrial suppliers and reliable infrastructure,” said Mats Eriksson, President of Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. “Our mining customers in Asia Pacific will enjoy shorter lead times for equipment manufactured to the same Sandvik standards for quality and safety.”


Not only is Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions embarking on an exciting new venture in Malaysia, but they are also receiving tremendous support and facilitation from the government. Recognising the contributions that Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions brings to the country, the company received support from the government in various aspects of their operations. They have actively facilitated the procurement of essential manufacturing licenses, provided valuable insights on local base suppliers, as well as extended their assistance in the registration process, ensuring a seamless transition for Sandvik’s workforce.


Leveraging R&D to Develop Machines with Value-added Features


Through its innovative R&D efforts, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is able to develop machines with new added-value features that improve performance, reliability, and safety. One of their remarkable achievements is the development of underground mining machines that leverage advanced automation technology. Sandvik’s automated Load and Haul machines can operate around the clock without human intervention. This not only turbocharges productivity but also drastically reduces the risk of accidents, prioritising the safety of every worker.


But that’s not all— Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is also leveraging digitalisation to develop machines with new value-added features. The company’s digital solutions enable real-time monitoring of equipment performance, which allows for pro-active maintenance and reduces downtime.


Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is a leader in R&D and technological innovation. Research and innovation are at the heart of its growth and digital strategies and is a key factor in a sustainable business. Together with its customers, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions drives innovation and digitalisation to unlock large-scale value, improve operations, create safer operating conditions, and achieve more with less. The company focuses on advancing the world through engineering, continuously developing both its customer offerings and core competencies, for instance by adding new digital technologies. Sandvik Group has around 7,000 active patents and other intellectual property rights.


Sandvik Prioritises Safety Through Thorough Inspection


Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions prioritises safety in mining through a variety of measures; including promoting a safety culture across its operations, providing safety products such as personal protective equipment and fall protection systems, offering safety training and education to employees and customers, leveraging technology to improve safety, and collaborating with industry stakeholders. By prioritising safety through these measures, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions aims to reduce the number of accidents and injuries in the mining industry and ensure that safety is integrated into every aspect of its business.


“Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)” – Three words that mean the world to Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. Integrating EHS into product development and its service offering has long been a part of what the company does. It understands that its customers share its vision of reducing workplace injuries, health problems and environmental footprint. Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is committed to conducting its work safely, with the objective to achieve zero work related injuries at its workplaces, as well as to create a sustainable future through an approach firmly grounded in Sandvik’s core values: Customer Focus, Innovation, Fair Play and Passion to Win.


With a continuing demand from mining companies to emphasise safety, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is committed to developing safer products and intelligent aftermarket solutions that increase both the safety and productivity of its own and customer operations.


Products/Services in Sandvik’s Offering


Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions products and services are designed to meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability and are backed by the company’s extensive research and development efforts. Some of the key products and services in its offering include automated drilling rigs, underground loaders and trucks, rock tools, digital solutions for mining and construction, as well as service and maintenance offerings.

Mr. Mat Erissson

President of The Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions