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Revolutionising Waste Management: Shan Poornam Group’s Journey to Environmental Excellence

>Going Global Series>Revolutionising Waste Management: Shan Poornam Group’s Journey to Environmental Excellence

Revolutionising Waste Management: Shan Poornam Group’s Journey to Environmental Excellence

Since its inception in 1960, Shan Poornam Metals (SPM) has emerged as a trailblazer in hazardous waste management, evolving from a waste collection center to a regional leader in industrial waste management, with a relentless focus on Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) practices


The decision to establish SPM operations was propelled by the Group CEO, Dato’ Seri S. Selvakumar Chetty’s unwavering commitment to environmental conservation and visionary aspiration to lead the recycling industry, particularly in e-waste recovery & refining, across Malaysia and the broader region. The founder’s passion for environmental responsibility and the pursuit of trailblazing recycling practices towards Circular Economy laid the foundation for SPM’s success.

Innovative Recycling Technologies for a Greener Future

SPM’s commitment to Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) is reflected in its state-of-the-art ECO Green Technology and a dedicated Research and Development (R&D) team. Operating on a closed-loop recycling approach, SPM processes 5,000 MT per month of industrial solid and liquid waste. The transformation yields eco-friendly high quality recycled resources such as secondary aluminum alloy ingots, copper cathode, semiconductor compound, rare earth, gold, silver and platinum group metals like platinum, palladium and ruthenium which can be used in the manufacturing of new products. Such practices align seamlessly with UN Sustainable Development Goal 12, promoting responsible consumption and production.


Embracing the 5R’s Green Concept—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, and Refining—SPM’s Ecogreen products, marketed under the ECO label “ENS” (Environment, Nature, and Society), contribute to the creation of a circular economy. This initiative positively impacts metal resources and reserves while safeguarding the environment from unsustainable mining practices.

Strategic Partnerships and Recognition

A milestone for Shan Poornam is its ability to continuously innovate and evolve with the E&E industry to improve its recovery rates and breakthroughs in extracting metals and working towards zero waste.


Recognised by Cenviro Sdn. Bhd. in 2015, a subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, with a significant 40% investment, SPM’s synergistic partnership strengthens Malaysia’s strategic assets in environmental conservation.


SPM proudly holds prestigious accolades, including the Prime Minister Hibiscus Award, MITI Industrial Excellence Award Best Women Leadership Award, ESG Positive Impact Awards and international recognition for leadership and environmental sustainability. Advocating for a paradigm shift, SPM urges the recognition of waste as a valuable resource, promoting Malaysia’s enhanced positioning in the global recycling industry.

Supporting Malaysia's Green Transition

Looking ahead, SPM aims to support Malaysia’s transition to an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programme, aligning with the nation’s green agenda and MIDA’s initiatives.


The company’s dedication to sustainable practices and innovative technologies positions it as the ideal choice for businesses seeking comprehensive solutions for responsible waste management.

Government Support – A Key Enabler

SPM attributes a significant part of its success to the crucial role played by MIDA, which granted the company pioneer status, DISF Grant, and Investment Tax Allowance (ITA). Beyond financial incentives, the Malaysian Government’s ongoing engagement has fostered a conducive business environment, providing valuable guidance and strategic insights.

Pioneering Projects for Sustainable Future

In line with its commitment to sustainable practices, SPM is embarking on various projects, including a proposed Carbon Footprint Project, Automotive Recycling, Surface Treatment Process, Glass Disk project, and Household E-waste. These initiatives not only contribute to responsible waste management but also create new employment opportunities, with plans to hire 1,000 people.


In essence, Shan Poornam Metals epitomises more than a waste management company; it stands as a beacon of environmental responsibility, setting new standards for hazardous waste recycling and contributing significantly to Malaysia’s vision of a sustainable future.

Group CEO
Dato’ Seri Selvakumar Shanmugam Chetty