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Ninja Van Malaysia: Thriving on the Wave of E-Commerce

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Ninja Van Malaysia: Thriving on the Wave of E-Commerce

Singapore-based logistics company stays ahead of the game by adapting to e-commerce trends

2020 will always be remembered as a year that drove the e-commerce platform into a great leap forward, where more shoppers have come to appreciate the wide range of products offered online and the comfort of shopping through e-commerce platforms. In fact, the number of online shoppers in Southeast Asia (SEA) has multiplied to approximately 70 million since the pandemic started – which has accelerated a shift to e-commerce by 5 years.


While e-commerce is growing at a fast pace, shoppers’ expectations on their shopping journey are also evolving. People not only seek product variety and convenience in online payment methods, but they similarly look forward to fast delivery for their orders made online. In a 2021 survey conducted by Ninja Van Group and DPD Group, 89% of online shoppers reported that they would like to know which logistics company is delivering their parcels.


This information somewhat provides a significant level of reassurance and some sense of service guarantee to shoppers. Not only that, through the survey, many shoppers also expressed a strong desire for real-time parcel tracking. These current demands reflect the need for e-commerce sellers to refine their business strategy and call for a reliable last-mile service provider.

Delivering excellence throughout Southeast Asia

Ninja Van Malaysia, a familiar name in the delivery industry, has been consistent in its commitment to provide fast and hassle-free deliveries to both shippers and shoppers since its inception in 2015. As a group, Ninja Van operates in six of the region’s key markets – Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, and Thailand.


With their nationwide coverage and a network of nearly 6,000 Pick Up & Drop Off (PUDO) points, Ninja Van Malaysia has become synonymous with reliability. They have earned the trust of both shippers and shoppers, serving over 15 million satisfied customers in the past year alone.


Strategic partnerships established with top marketplaces such as Lazada, ZALORA, and TikTok Shop have supported Ninja Van Malaysia to further expand its services to e-commerce businesses, especially the local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Having been in the industry for many years, Ninja Van Malaysia has also diversified beyond serving the last-mile sector by focusing on corporate businesses via industry verticals such as Manufacturing, Services, FMCG, and more.


The company is honoured to support corporate businesses such as Amway, CUCKOO, SENHENG, Top Glove, HABIB, and Herbalife Nutrition.

Adapting to tech innovation

Having last-mile delivery as the final touchpoint in a customer’s online shopping journey, it is important for courier providers to offer a seamless delivery to ensure shoppers attain a smooth purchasing experience. As a familiar and trusted delivery service provider in Malaysia, Ninja Van Malaysia remains committed to innovating its logistics services.


In 2022, Ninja Van Group announced its investment of USD50 million to automate its parcel-processing capabilities across nine key regional parcel sorting hubs in Southeast Asia. This investment is in line with the Group’s continued focus on driving greater operational efficiency through advanced infrastructure and processes to provide best-in-class logistics service. The whole automation exercise is expected to be completed by the second half of 2024. In February 2023, Ninja Van Malaysia announced the launch of their automated hub in line with its eighth anniversary, further reiterating its commitment to providing hassle-free deliveries for shippers and shoppers in Malaysia.


With the newly added integrated automation system, the parcel sorting process can now weigh, measure, and scan up to 30,000 parcels per hour. As a result, its daily parcel processing capability is projected to increase by almost 35%. This newly installed system places great focus on boosting its operational efficiency and empowering its shippers.

Growing beyond last-mile

Research has found that an end-to-end logistics service and proactive data-driven insights are some of the current customer demands from logistics companies. In fulfilling these demands and supporting local SMEs, Ninja Van Malaysia has introduced a wide range of logistics solutions and carried out relevant market research.


Ninja Van’s Logistics+ is a suite of supply chain management solutions, made available for SMEs in Southeast Asia. It aims to help SMEs navigate the complex and ever-changing networks of suppliers, manufacturing partners, transportation providers, and financial service providers. This enables SMEs to focus on growing their businesses and empowers SMEs to reimagine their growth potential.


Logistics+ now consists of Cross-Border delivery, Ninja Financial Services, Ninja Fulfilment, Ninja Direct, and more. These enhancements are part of the USD100 million that Ninja Van Group has committed to investing in its logistics business and its accompanying ecosystem of supply chain management products and services. Notably, around 30,000 SMEs in SEA are now benefiting from Logistics+.


In January 2022, Ninja Van Malaysia invested in a 70,000 sq. ft space for fulfillment and warehousing facilities which provide end-to-end logistics solutions to customers – from physical inventory management to last mile delivery. Adding a distinctive value to its fulfillment service, Ninja Van Malaysia also offers additional services like temperature-controlled storage, virtual kitting for marketing campaigns, custom packaging, and many more.


Ninja Van Malaysia’s effort to branch out its delivery support does not stop here. In May 2023, Ninja Van Malaysia introduced Ninja Mart, a distribution platform that connects brands and their products to rural shops and independent retailers. With over 38,000 store partners and 11 fulfillment hubs nationwide, Ninja Mart’s innovative distribution model further reiterates its commitment to providing hassle-free solutions to partners across the country by enabling brands to reach untapped rural markets.

Staying relevant in the industry

Ninja Van Malaysia continues to thrive on the wave of e-commerce by staying relevant to the current online market trends. The Group’s E-commerce SEA Barometer Report 2021 and its first-ever white paper on Live Selling in Southeast Asia (SEA) reaffirm Ninja Van’s commitment to share latest insights for businesses and further adapting to the needs of its shippers and shoppers.


With its dominance in Southeast Asian e-commerce logistics, the Ninja Van Group continues to nurture the logistics ecosystem with best-in-class delivery and value-added services to ensure a seamless delivery experience is lent to all.

Mr. Adzim Halim

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ninja Van Malaysia