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WKL Group invests RM23mil for evoair technology, plans new market expansion

WKL Group invests RM23mil for evoair technology, plans new market expansion

22 Apr 2021

KUALA LUMPUR: WKL Group Sdn Bhd is investing RM23 million to manufacture evoair, an eco-friendly air-conditioner that turns waste heat released by conventional air-conditioner condenser, or the external unit, into cool air.

Founder and chief executive officer Dr Low Wai Koon said the investment in the new technology included cost of factories, field products, pattern licencing and machineries.

“We have invested RM5 million in machineries for our manufacturing factory in Kepong and RM18 million will be for our company expansion and exercise.

“The new evoair will be available in the market by July this year. The production site in Kepong will allow our company to scale up manufacturing capacity to produce 250-350 units of evoair everyday,” Low told reporters at the launch of evoair here, today.

“We need to address alarming global warming issue resulting from waste heat emission from conventional air-conditioner condensers to the environment,” he said.

WKL Group executive director and co-founder Kevin Chan said the decision to launch evoair on Earth Day reinforced the company’s commitment to the environment.

Chan said the company had a continued passion to invent and promote responsible eco-friendly products that make a positive impact on lifestyle and environment.

“Our green technology innovation contributes towards a sustainable lifestyle whilst addressing global warming issues faced by the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry,” he said.

Chan said the company was expected to make forays into a few new markets namely Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Cambodia, to expand its green technology innovation.

“We are in talks with few parties both international and local who want to be a major distributor.

“Some want to buy the intellectual property (IP) from us to allow our product to be sold in their respective countries,” he said.

evoair is a patent-pending proprietary technology with heat exchange control system (HECS) which has transformed the function of air-conditioner condenser.

Conventionally, air-conditioner condenser takes the heat that was removed from indoor and expels waste heat at 55 celsius and humidity of 20 per cent to the environment, which is harmful for human beings and living things, as well as giving rise to global warming related issues.

evoair condenser units are re-engineered to release cooler, moisturised air at 25 Celsius and humidity of 58 per cent to the outdoor environment, which is suitable and optimal to be enjoyed by human beings and living things while contributing positively towards a sustainable environment.

Source: NST