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Selangor set to become Asean’s aviation hub

Selangor set to become Asean’s aviation hub

22 Oct 2021

SAS 2021 is envisioned to play a pivotal role in bridging the link between industry players and partners domestically and regionally

Selangor is ready to position itself as Asean’s business and general aviation hub through its maiden aviation show, the Selangor Aviation Show (SAS 2021).

Organised by Invest Selangor Bhd, the show is envisioned to play a pivotal role in bridging the link between industry players and partners domestically and regionally.

Invest Selangor CEO Datuk Hasan Azhari Idris said SAS 2021 has been put together to become the regional networking event dedicated to the business and general aviation segment of the industry.

Themed “Selangor, the Asean Business and General Aviation Hub”, SAS 2021 will take place from Nov 25 to Nov 27 at the SkyPark Regional Aviation Centre in Subang.

The show is a close collaboration between Selangor and key industries partners, namely the International Trade and Industry Ministry, National Aerospace Industry Coordinating Office, Systematic Aviation Services Sdn Bhd, Embraer SA, ATS Turbine Services Sdn Bhd, Aerodyne Group, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd and more.

“As Malaysia navigates around the pandemic and its effects on society and the economy, we must stimulate the right industries in the right direction.

“SAS 2021 is among our earliest efforts to return to ‘normalcy’ in business and industry, and we hope it could shine a light on the way to move forward.

“This is why we have pushed ahead with the plan despite the ongoing challenges brought by Covid-19,” he told The Malaysian Reserve (TMR).

Hasan Azhari said SAS 2021 will bring together the world’s best in aerospace and aviation, featuring static aircraft displays, forum, education open day, exposition with key industry players, as well as the showcase of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles.

He noted that Selangor targeted to attract at least 5,000 visitors and 30 local and international exhibitors.

“Major support has been locked by prominent business and general aviation industry players like Dassault Aviation SA, ExecuJet and Embraer, as well local champions such as Systematic Aviation Services, Galaxy Aerospace (M) Sdn Bhd and more.

“Among the 10 supporting partners of SAS 2021 include the Malaysia Aerospace Industry Association, Malaysia Sport Aviation Federation, Malaysian Autonomous Intelligence and Robotics Association, Experimental Aircraft Association and Technological Association Malaysia,” he told TMR.

Dubbed as the aviation and aerospace growth area with two airports and the highest air traffic in the country, Hasan Azhari said Selangor promises the most conducive ecosystem, housing over 200 aerospace and aviation players which include all various activities from electrical parts and services to manufacturing of parts.

He added that Selangor is also recognised as the main hub for Malaysia’s aerospace and aviation industry as it is home to over 62% of the total aerospace companies and over 20 higher learning institutions related to the industry.

“The industry is in great demand from players in the Asia-Pacific region that also makes up to 30% of the global aerospace and aviation activities and products.

“Furthermore, Selangor has also established the Aerospace Council to further drive the development of the aerospace sector and to position its capabilities as a leading aerospace hub in Asean,” he noted.

Exciting Programmes and Showcases

The three-day event will well present business and general aviation operators, as well as exhibitors from other aviation and aerospace segments. Hasan Azhari said with strong support from industry players, booths and display allocations are almost filled up.

There will be static displays for business jets, general aviation aircraft such as prop planes, small kit planes, helicopters, drones, as well as recreational aircraft like paraglider and more.

However, he said due to a deliberate controlled environment they have imposed, the show will not have actual flight demonstrations like regular air shows.

“We will have 12 static displays and 38 booths with prominent names including Dassault Aviation, Galaxy Aerospace, Global Turbine Asia, LOOKA Malaysia, Epic Aero Sdn Bhd, SM Aviation Services Sdn Bhd, Asia AeroTechnic Sdn Bhd and many more.

“There will also be ‘Networking Nights’ on Nov 25 and 26, where we will invite industry and lifestyle professionals and enthusiasts to celebrate the aviation and aerospace industry and to build rapport and relationships over common goals and passion for anything aviation-related,” he added.

Additionally, Hasan Azhari noted that there will be activities and talks planned specifically for students and the public on Day 3.

“This is our outreach to the next generation of aviators and industrialists to encourage interests and build talents that will hopefully benefit Selangor in the coming years,” he said.

Health and Safety Protocols Guaranteed

SAS 2021 will be open to the public on Day 3 (Saturday), however, visitors must register and schedule their visits accordingly for the organiser to monitor the crowd. Those who are interested to attend the show or looking for further information can visit

Hasan Azhari said SAS 2021 will be complying with all the guidelines set by the National Security Council, as well as protocols for business events regarding Covid-19 management and restrictions. He emphasised that this is very much in line with the uncompromising “Safety-First” requisite for the greater aviation and aerospace industry at large.

“We have had strong interest and support from the local industry community since SAS 2021’s soft launch in March so we are confident of filling up the exhibition space with quality participants.”

Additionally, Hasan Azhari said there will be locally based experts and speakers participating in the forums. He added that the show will have as much in-person representations as possible, as he felt that virtual presentations are already abundant.

Bringing Industry Players Together

Hasan Azhari believes that SAS 2021 will bring industry players together, develop the networking and create business opportunities.

This includes the world’s best of aerospace and aviation, creating potential business and investment opportunities both domestic and international.

He said the show will also provide an invaluable opportunity for high-level networking and market penetration prospects with industry players from various sectors, including commercials, the business aviation, general aviation and helicopters sub-sectors of the aviation industry in Malaysia and potentially in the region.

“Over 63% of aerospace industry players are located in Selangor, therefore the growth of this industry will benefit the state directly.

“With the downward trend of Covid-19 cases, SAS 2021 will be networking activities that we hope can re-energise the businesses to plan ahead and start talking to potential partners and clients.”

He added that as more sectors are reopening and domestic flights resuming, the global aviation sector will start to gradually recover.

“The aviation industry is among the hardest hit by the pandemic and has been facing extreme financial pressures in the absence of passenger demand.

“We are confident that business activities will progress slowly and hopefully by next year, it will be back to full recovery.”

Becoming Malaysia’s Aviation Hub

For this to happen, Hasan Azhari said the development of Subang Airport must be differentiated as an aviation hub against the other existing and well-developed aviation hubs in Selangor such as the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

He noted that Subang Airport needs to play to its strengths and purpose — to serve the non-airline aviation sectors, particularly the business and general aviation sectors.

“This dual-airport strategy is prevalent among the top business and leisure cities globally, and we believe Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley, in general, need this.

“We realise that Selangor has one major asset that both Singapore and Hong Kong may not have, that is land availability for significant or substantial development of airport infrastructure.

“That is why we may have greater potential to grow in this industry vis-a-vis the current regional leaders.”

Hasan Azhari said in the Asean and regional context, the differentiator to making an airport successful is the infrastructure, as this is the most capital-intensive element. He said Selangor will work with relevant parties and agencies to unlock the potential of Subang Airport and the surrounding areas.

Furthermore, he added, foreign direct investments and domestic direct investments will be required at high levels to build — or rebuild — what Selangor has right now.

“After that, operators and aviation players will be tasked to make the airport into the hub that it can be.

“Ultimately, with all these considerations and investment incentives, Invest Selangor and the Selangor Darul Ehsan Aerospace Industry Coordination Office (S-Daico) will focus on developing Subang Airport and Selangor as a future business and general aviation hub in Asean,” he concluded.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve