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Pahang govt to setup mineral academy in Lipis, part of integrated technology park

Pahang govt to setup mineral academy in Lipis, part of integrated technology park

15 Aug 2023

The proposed Malaysia Mineral Academy Pahang (AMMP) in Lipis will be responsible for conducting research and exploring opportunities to meet the needs of the country’s mineral industry.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail said AMMP which will be located within the Lipis Integrated Technology Park(TTBL) will focus on several components namely education, training and research that can develop new technologies, and produce a skilled workforce in the mineral field.

“AMMP will serve as an academic centre that offers certificate programmes, training, short courses, diploma and technical services centred around the mineral industry. It will be a One Stop Centre for information on mineral development for Pahang in particular and the country in general.

“AMMP’s temporary campus will be set up at the Lipis Centrepoint. Pahang Skills Development Centre has been appointed as the AMMP’s development leader and Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah as the consultant.

“The Pahang Barat Plus Economic Region Development Council meeting and Industry Joint Committee meeting which was jointly chaired by the Menteri Besar (Wan Rosdy) and Investment, Trade and Industry minister (Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Aziz) fully supports and welcomes the efforts,” he said in a statement today.

Wan Rosdy said besides AMMP, the second component of TTBL will be the Mineral Processing Centre at Sungai Temau in Lipis.

“The mineral processing centre will take advantage of natural resources in the vicinity and can create high-value industries at the intermediate and downstream levels without the need to send mineral resources outside Pahang for processing.

“TTBL will adopt the concept of a high-value industrial integrated development centre with environmentally friendly technology, digitalisation, knowledgeable and competent human resources.

“This is in line with the National Mineral Industry Transformation Plan 2021-2030 where the government plans to make Malaysia as one of the mineral industry development hubs with a complete network chain. The demand for mineral products has increased rapidly and will continue to grow in the future due to demand for electrical, and electronic products globally,” he said.

Wan Rosdy said he hopes the new initiatives can help balance the economic growth throughout Pahang, especially in bridging the gap between the west side of Pahang and the east side.

During the East Coast Economic Region Development Council 15th anniversary last month, Wan Rosdy dismissed talks that the development of Pahang Barat Plus has stagnated saying it will reach its full potential in the next five years.

Source: NST