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‘M’sia ideal location for setting up regional offices’

‘M’sia ideal location for setting up regional offices’

As at
first quarter of this year, Mida has approved 3,569 regional establishment
projects, which included representatives offices, regional offices,
operational headquarters, international procurements centres,
among others.

said investments in the first half of this year were strong, and this
trend is expected to continue in the second half despite the
challenging global and domestic economic environment.

“We are
also hoping that domestic investors would continue to invest because we
need both elements to accelerate the growth of the country,” he
told reporters on the sidelines at the opening of Arla Foods Asia regional
office today.

whether the cabinet reshuffle would give impact investors’ confidence,
he said, political scenario is not a major factor for investors to set up
their businesses locally.

come to this country to do business and they are looking for a long-term
prospects and politics is not a concern,” he said.

On the
weakening ringgit, he said, foreign investors are looking into
using Malaysian inputs to reduce costs and they have started to realise
and recognise that local supply chain is good.

the impact is minimal as they are leveraging on domestic supply chain and
technology. This is good for the country,” Amirsham said.

head of Arla business activities in Asia, Jesper Colding, said the set-up
of the regional office would assist the company access the Asian region

Malaysian market is relatively small at the moment. However, it
has certain advantages, such as safe and friendly environment to develop
the business.

this country is still attractive compared to Beijing, Shanghai, or
Singapore,” he said, adding that the Arla’s main markets in Asia are
China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Bangladesh.

On its
future plan, Colding said, in the first phase, the company
would concentrate on the export opportunities as well as liaising with its
partners, which already have manufacturing facilities locally.

partners may have production facility that we can tap into by using our
raw materials. However, it is still in the planning stage,” he added.

organic dairy products producer currently offers cheese-based products in
the local market and is keen to bring in its whole range liquid
dairy products into the domestic market soon.

Source : Bernama

31 July 2015