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MITI: Revised guidelines on metal scrap importation to be effective till Oct 31

MITI: Revised guidelines on metal scrap importation to be effective till Oct 31

01 Sep 2021

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) today extended the interim measure for the implementation of the revised guidelines for the importation and inspection of ferrous, copper and aluminium scraps until Oct 31, 2021, with further improvements.

This follows its announcement in June this year that the guidelines by the Department of Environment would be enforced using revised criteria from July 16 to Aug 31, 2021.

In today’s statement, MITI said the interim measure would continue to be enforced until Oct 31, 2021, with the introduction of a Materials Recovery Facilities’ Approval Scheme by Sirim and foreign inspection bodies as additional improvements.

“This scheme, as prescribed in the revised guidelines, will allow companies to avail themselves of the opportunity to have a simplified inspection and clearance process in preparation for the certificate of approval (COA) application once it is implemented,” the ministry said.

MITI said it expected the extended interim period would allow the industry to make full preparation for the COA implementation.

“MITI remains open to further engagement with the industry to provide clarity and certainty in the process to be undertaken,” it said.

MITI commended the industry’s swift response in adhering to the revised criteria during the interim period towards preparing for the full implementation of the guidelines.

“This action by the industry is a testament to the commitment we envisage towards achieving the overarching objective of the guidelines in facilitating genuine importation, for both ferrous and non-ferrous scraps, while protecting the environment,” it added.

Source: Bernama