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Eclimo to produce 5,000 units electric 2-wheelers by 2023

Eclimo to produce 5,000 units electric 2-wheelers by 2023

01 Aug 2022

Eclimo Sdn Bhd aims to produce 1,000 units of electric two-wheelers this year and 5,000 units next year, to promote green technology with a vision of zero-emission transport using self-made electric vehicles (EVs).

Eclimo ED Datuk Dennis Chuah said that the company will continue focusing on business-to-business (B2B) market and security patrolling for its products.

“We started with B2B delivery — the plan started in 2012, until today very much focused on delivery such as food delivery, parcel delivery and security patrolling.

“Our bike is able to hit 300km per day or 206km per charge. It is convenient for customers and only needs to be charged at its own premises, unlike combustion bikes which still require petrol.

“The whole direction for Eclimo is environmental, social and corporate governance compliance and sustainability. We suggest customers to use our product for its cost-saving advantage compared to combustion bikes,” he told The Malaysian Reserve in an interview last week.

Currently, KFC is using Eclimo electric bikes for delivery purposes. The company also has collaborations with government agencies and authorities for the bike to be used in patrolling.

Furthermore, Eclimo is also looking for company tie-ups, especially partners who are keen to convert fleets into EV. As an EV provider, Eclimo does not only produce vehicles; it also provides road assistance for its customers such as bike tracking.

Its latest collaboration was last month, where it partnered Gentari Sdn Bhd (subsidiary of Petroliam Nasional Bhd) for the vehicle-as-a-service model.

Eclimo, which has been in the industry for the past 14 years, is actually creating micro-entrepreneurs. To date, Eclimo has patrolling bike, delivery bike, parcel delivery bike and food bike for its offering.

“Since the launch of our food bike/utility bike last December, we have received customer request to install BBQ equipment on bike to enable selling other foods.

“Due to our latest product scooters which are able to provide AC power, customers can put coffee machine, oven, grill and freezer on bike,” he added.

In 2000, Chuah was involved with research on lithium batteries and started supplying batteries for drones, power banks, as well as military walkie-talkies. From his experience with battery design capacity, he is positive that he should be able to do it for electric two-wheelers. Hence in 2008, he ventured into electric two-wheelers.

“I pursued two-wheelers with the experience I have working with batteries, unlike others who usually start with vehicle designing before looking at battery.

“I chose to pursue two-wheelers because motorbikes still need to pump petrol and maintain service/maintenance.

“When I went into designing Eclimo electric scooter, I purposely designed the scooter with no gearbox and chain (designed scooter from scratch), so the direction is to minimise maintenance — which we have achieved today,” he said.

He recommended the use of an Eclimo electric bike due to the very minimum maintenance. Customers only need to take care of tyre, brake pad and steering (non-high maintenance part for bike).

Chuah asserted that Eclimo will continue to innovate in providing electric two-wheelers and said that infrastructure for EV must be able to grow.

“There is a need to continue to innovate more charging plugs and make it open to all. If collaboration with government agencies is carried out, maybe policies on flats, apartments, commercial buildings and shopping malls having charging plugs for two-wheelers can be introduced.

“Going forward, we need to focus on having fast charging for EV, low-cost battery for EV, fastest speed for EV, as well as lower cost of EV financing.

“If this is taken care of, I’m positive that the market will grow. Currently in Malaysia, we have a total of 13 million bikes on the road including combustion bikes — it is still a sensible market for Eclimo to penetrate.

“I hope Eclimo can grow faster by innovating the product and infrastructure,” he further added.

He also stated that Eclimo currently has a bike prototype on proof-of-concept that has already run for six months for one-hour charging capacity as one of its product innovations.

“The market is growing, hence we need to spread awareness on the availability of the product with approvals from the Road Transport Department (already approved for, 10 years ago), as well as insurance and road tax ready.

“All we need is for people to consider surveying and buying EV — from that, Eclimo will have the opportunity to convince people to use EV,” he concluded.

Source: Malaysian Reserve