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Bright future for green tech

Bright future for green tech

16 Oct 2023

Three major segments to drive jobs creation, sustainability efforts and economic development.

Engineers, scientists, technicians and information technology (IT) experts can look forward to a very bright future with the growth of green technology in the country, said Malaysian Green Technology Society (MGTS) chairman Dr M. Chandra Segaran.

“By 2030, more than 200,000 jobs will be created in the green technology sector. Even now, of all the jobs available in Malaysia, 15% are in green technology sectors, and this will grow progressively.”

He said three major job segments that outshine others in green technology are solar photovoltaic (conversion of thermal energy into electricity), robotics and electric vehicles.

Chandra added that most viable green technology sectors in the country are solar photovoltaic, drone technology and manufacturing green technology parts.

“This is a no-brainer as Malaysia is already manufacturing such technologies for the local and international markets.”

In terms of the job market, he said the use of robotics and artificial intelligence at work will significantly increase the efficiency of green technology sectors in the future.

“The trend of using green technology in Malaysia is advancing towards sustainable practices and renewable energy sources.

“This shift is driven by the recognition that the Earth’s finite resources are depleting, thus making it crucial to embrace green technologies to secure a sustainable future.

“The process of digitalisation, the use of artificial intelligence as well as Industrial Revolution 4.0 and 5.0 will make a great impact on the success of green technology in Malaysia and globally.”

He said through forums and seminars, MGTS is involved in educating the public on technology changes and the wave of green technology as well as its sustainability.

“Training is also held for people in the industry to prepare them for changes and skills to perform efficiently in the sector.

“However, we lack funding and government support to conduct the activities consistently. Fortunately, we have many volunteers who go to schools and universities to give free lectures and training.”

Chandra said there are government initiatives aimed at promoting green technology such as the Green Jobs Malaysia portal, that is managed by the Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Ministry and the Human Resources Ministry.

“Individuals who are keen on getting a job in green technology sectors can apply through the portal or seek assistance from MGTS.

“Small and medium enterprises could also get guidance from the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers regarding job opportunities in the green technology sector.”

Chandra said in MGTS, some projects and initiatives focus on creating and promoting employment opportunities, while working with collaboration partners and experts around Asia to make Asean a hub for green technology in the region.

“In 2018, the International Labour Organisation said up to 14.2 million green technology jobs will be created in Asean by 2030,” he said, adding that in 2021 alone, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority approved 882 green technology projects valued at RM3.66 billion and seven green technology services worth RM21.9 million.

“The bulk of funding is directed at the process of securing green sources of energy, and in building green technology in sectors such as transportation, waste management, information technology and manufacturing.

“As an expected outcome, the investments will seek to achieve energy independence, promote efficient use and minimise the impact of non-renewable energy resources on the environment.

“In terms of the economy and social aspects, green technology can enhance national economic development and improve the quality of life.”

Source: The Sun Daily