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ATPC eyes Sabah’s solar farming

ATPC eyes Sabah’s solar farming

30 Jun 2024

NASDAQ-listed AGAPE ATP Corporation (ATPC) has set its eyes on Sabah’s solar farming industry as its next venture.

Prof Datuk Seri Dr How Kok Choong, the founder and global group chief executive officer of ATPC, incorporated the group back in 2016 with the aim of providing health and wellness solutions for today’s world.

It originally began with a focus on preventing diseases caused by pollution, poor diets, and unhealthy lifestyles through scientific and technological innovations.

“As we grew, we went for a listing on Nasdaq, which was a big milestone for us,” he said in an exclusive interview with The Borneo Post.

“Now, we are continuing our commitment to caring for the environment by venturing into green energy. It is an exciting journey, and we’re dedicated to making a positive impact on both health and the planet.”

How believed the power supply issues in Sabah are quite challenging, especially with the increasing demand from new businesses and investors.

“It is clear that we need to find sustainable solutions to support the region’s growth and ensure reliable energy for everyone,” he said.

When asked why they chose Sabah for their solar farm projects instead of other states, How said it was due to the state’s high potential for solar energy thanks to its sunny climate.

“Additionally, the current energy challenges in Sabah provide us with an opportunity to make a real difference and support the local community.

“The inspiration came from seeing the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions in Sabah. Solar energy is a clean and renewable option that can help address power shortages and support the region’s development in an environmentally friendly way.”

Some of the challenges include logistical issues due to remote locations, regulatory hurdles, and the need for significant upfront investment.

However, How said he and his team are working through these challenges with careful planning and collaboration with local stakeholders.

“We set up ATPC Green Energy as a subsidiary of Agape ATP Corporation for a few reasons. First off, it allows us to really focus on our renewable energy projects in Sabah,” he enthused.

“Having a dedicated company helps us streamline our efforts and bring in specialised talent to push these green energy projects forward.

“But, we are not stopping with just the project in Sabah. This new company is also a big part of our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“We are aiming to build a comprehensive renewable energy ecosystem across the Asean region. This includes everything from energy-saving solutions to solar projects and other renewable technologies.

“Our goal is to develop a diverse portfolio, expand our energy-saving offerings, foster great partnerships, and capture a significant market share in the region.”

ATPC Green Energy’s main plan for helping Sabah reach its renewable energy goals is to build solar farms that will provide a reliable and sustainable energy source, which is exactly what the region needs to meet its growing energy demands.

“We’re really excited about these projects because they have the potential to make a big impact and support Sabah’s target of 80 per cent renewable energy capacity by 2050.

“Where solar farms will also significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing fossil fuel-based power generation with clean, renewable energy. This will help mitigate climate change and promote a healthier environment for the people of Sabah.”

Source: Borneo Post