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KLS Martin in Malaysia -The First Production Facility outside Germany

>Why Malaysia Series>KLS Martin in Malaysia -The First Production Facility outside Germany

KLS Martin in Malaysia -The First Production Facility outside Germany

Established in 1896, KLS Martin has expanded to five (5) manufacturing plants in Europe and 13 sales offices globally. The company’s brand tagline, ”Surgical Innovation is our Passion”, reflects their aspiration to be the premier surgical brand that is one step ahead of the curve – emphasising on embracing technologies to reinvent themselves to create a better tomorrow. In 2015, the Group established its first manufacturing facility outside of Europe in Malaysia as a gateway to the Southeast Asia markets. Recognising the essential role of the medical technology industry, KLS Martin continuously works closely with practitioners on the development and improvement of medical products.


KLS Martin Malaysia – The First Production Facility outside Germany


KLS Martin Malaysia began in 2015 with the setting up of a small pilot factory in Penang. The company now serves as a manufacturing and distribution hub, concentrating in producing and distributing healthcare products for hospital usage, and exports 100% of its products to Southeast Asia and beyond. The competitive advantages of the company are in the area of:

  • surgical instruments and sterilisation containers;
  • cranio-maxillofacial and hand surgery;
  • high frequency and laser surgery;
  • operating theatre equipment such as lights and pendants; and
  • modular operating room systems.


KLS Martin’s products are developed in close collaboration with medical experts from all over the world including Malaysia, on a joint interest to develop simpler and more patient-friendly techniques. To achieve this, the company does not only work on improving their products products, but also on the complementary services. As an international supplier of medical devices, KLS Martin Malaysia has always prioritised quality especially in its surgical products. All processes and operations from R&D all the way to after-sales services are governed by a comprehensive quality management system complying with international standards (DIN EN ISO 13485; DIN EN ISO 9001) and the European Medical Device Directive. Additionally, a well-equipped Asian Regional Technical Repair Service Centre is set up in Penang to cater for any repair of equipment and comprehensive after-sales services as a backup of decent support to its customers.


At KLS Martin, the company prides itself on investing today in tomorrow’s innovation. Their strategies are in line with its vision “Surgical Innovation is our Passion”, whereby the competence, motivation and dedication of their employees play a crucial role. This is why KLS Martin is always on the lookout for people who set goals, develop ideas and are open to new challenges. At the same time, a job is not just about the activities alone, it also involves working in a conducive and success-oriented environment. Depending on the location, workplace and activities, KLS Martin offers employees training and welfare packages to develop and grow together with the company.


Choosing Malaysia as the Gateway to Southeast Asia Markets


The German medical device market is the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world. Meanwhile in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is recognised as one of the largest medical device market, having all the right ingredients for an agile foreign direct investment. On top of having a diversified economy and developed infrastructure, Malaysia is also an attractive investment destination for KLS Martin due to the country’s cultural diversity, strength in languages, as well as a big pool of skilled and trainable talent.


Armed with finest precision, its manufacturing plant in Penang caters to more than 30 distributor partners located in 14 different Asian countries, while streamlining operations in the local context from its home country. Being located in the Asia-Pacific rim, in the centre of many Asian countries, Malaysia is a strategic operation that enables the company to be closer to its targeted markets in terms of business responses and after-sales support, tapping into a niche market opportunities in Asia’s medical manufacturing industry.



KLS Martin Malaysia Manufacturing Plant at Bukit Minyak, Penang.


Here for 6 Great Years, Staying for the Long Term

From a humble beginning with only 3 pioneers at a pilot facility of 700 m2, the company has since expanded with a steadfast growth to the current much larger facility and has plans to employ and train over 200 more employees in 2021. Unfolding its meticulously designed plan, KLS Martin Malaysia continues to implement strategic and sensible initiatives, achieving notable milestones throughout the years.


Despite the challenging landscape in 2020 and 2021, KLS Martin Malaysia has invested and will continue to invest in state-of-the-art production and quality equipment in tandem with being awarded several large tenders for various surgical instruments groups.


Following this, the company is targeting to acquire a bigger land in the Northern part of Malaysia and is committing a large capital investment for this expansion to develop and produce a more diverse range of products in the near future.


KLS Martin continues to record positive experiences in Malaysia, from its setting up to its expansion of the business. The company received fast and pragmatic support from the federal and local authorities with regards to approvals, licences, HR affairs and other critical matters.


As a well-established company, KLS Martin makes long-term decisions which enable healthy and sustainable growth, not only in the company’s own interests, but also those of its customers, employees, healthcare professionals, patients and the society in general. The company in a statement highlighted that, “By leveraging the increased geographical presence, with determination in providing the newest surgical products powerfully resonated with the highest safety standards and cutting-edge technology, KLS Martin will continue to journey as your life companion in the coming years, ensuring an increasing number of surgeons, nurses and patients to experience the unrivalled quality and customer care that we deliver.”


Source: MIDA e-Newsletter June 2021

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