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KJTS Group Berhad: A Closer Look at Integrated Building Support Services

>Going Global Series>KJTS Group Berhad: A Closer Look at Integrated Building Support Services

KJTS Group Berhad: A Closer Look at Integrated Building Support Services

In the ever-evolving landscape of integrated building support services, KJTS Group Berhad (KJTS Group) stands tall as a beacon of excellence. The group has marked its presence on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad in January 2024 and the group has consistently been at the forefront of innovation. Boasting a dedicated workforce of over 1,100 professionals, the company has become synonymous with quality and forward-thinking solutions in Cooling Energy Solutions, Facilities Management, and Cleaning Services. Its influence extends across borders, serving clients in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.


Within the cooling energy segment, the company provide cooling energy management services, and EPCC including new, retrofitting and/or upgrading of cooling energy systems. The cleaning services are focused on ensuring the cleanliness, tidiness and hygiene of buildings and facilities. The facilities management services are focused on the repair and maintenance of M&E machinery and equipment, process utilities including plumbing, drainage and sewerage, and F&B and retail outlet equipment.

The impact of KJTS Group’s district cooling plant projects across Malaysia is nothing short of significant. Aligned with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, these projects have played a pivotal role in reducing electricity consumption, saving over 52,441 megawatt-hours and slashing CO2 emissions by approximately 32,619 tonnes between January 2017 and November 2023. These numbers underscore KJTS’s substantial contribution to environmental sustainability. As their projects continue, these figures are expected to grow, emphasising their dedication to future-proofing the planet.


Sustainability is not merely a commitment for KJTS Group; it is ingrained in its business ethos. The company adopts constant innovation as a strategy to reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, and address environmental concerns. This commitment aligns seamlessly with Malaysia’s mission towards achieving net-zero by 2050. KJTS Group proudly holds four ISO certifications, MyHijau accreditation, and CIDB accreditation, showcasing its unwavering dedication to quality and competence. The company is also registered as an Energy Service Company (ESCO) by the Energy Commission Malaysia.

KJTS Goes Regional

Recognising the need for its cutting-edge integrated building support services beyond the borders of Malaysia, KJTS Group aimed to enhance its market presence and extend its innovative solutions to a wider audience. With a solid foundation in Malaysia and a proven track record, KJTS Group sought to replicate its success in neighbouring countries, fostering collaboration and contributing to the overall advancement of the integrated building support services industry in the Southeast Asian region. KJTS Group strategically decided to set up its operations and venture into regional markets, specifically Singapore and Thailand, based on a calculated approach to meet growing demands and capitalise on emerging opportunities. The decision to go regional was driven by a thorough analysis of market trends, identifying gaps in services, and aligning with the company’s vision of becoming a regional leader in the field. This strategic expansion not only reflects KJTS Group’s commitment to excellence but also positions the company as a dynamic player in the global market.


With a significant customer base already established beyond Malaysia in countries like Singapore and Thailand, KJTS Group is steadfast in its goal to strengthen its presence in the Southeast Asia region. The company aspires to emerge as a frontrunner in providing integrated building support services across diverse industries.


KJTS Group Berhad stands as a trailblazer in integrated building support services, offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to Cooling Energy Solutions, Facilities Management, and Cleaning Services. Beyond their exemplary services, it is their steadfast commitment to sustainability, coupled with a proven track record of substantial environmental impact, that positions them as an attractive choice for potential investors seeking eco-friendly and innovative solutions.


As KJTS Group continues its trajectory of growth and contribution to the industry, the opportunity for investors to align themselves with this journey is not only promising but also environmentally responsible. In our ongoing expansion, KJTS Group advocates for fellow companies to delve into the abundant opportunities available in Malaysia for promoting sustainable practices. We encourage them to view Malaysia as a strategic hub for realising their global ambitions.