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Introduction to Growth Segments at Hong Leong Bank

>Special Features>Introduction to Growth Segments at Hong Leong Bank

Introduction to Growth Segments at Hong Leong Bank

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, adapting to change is crucial for staying ahead. This holds particularly true for the banking industry, where understanding diverse industries is essential. Hong Leong Bank (HLB) has not only embraced this philosophy but has taken it a step further by introducing a dedicated Industry Specialist Team tailoring support for customers’ evolving needs.

Evolving Banking Landscape

The banking industry is no longer one-size-fits-all, but a fusion of financial instruments, regulations, market dynamics, and global trends, creating a need for industry-specific strategies to cater to the growing complexity of the financial world. Conceptualised nearly seven years ago, Growth Segments (GS) represent strategic sectors for HLB, where we see significant growth potential in the country’s economic trajectory. The GS Team fulfills a crucial function in bridging the gap between specialised industry knowledge, the customer, and the bank, fostering an environment where all parties can thrive while mitigating risks.

Industry Specialist Expertise

Specialised Sectors

The GS Unit at HLB comprises six (6) Industry Specialists covering sectors including:

  1. Renewables
  2. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  3. Electrical and Electronics
  4. Halal Industry
  5. Carbon and Climate
  6. Logistics, Warehousing and Transportation


Industry Specialties


  • Proficiency in Renewable Energy project development, solar farm construction and management, and sustainable energy innovation.
  • Stay abreast with regulatory landscape and compliance requirements including incentives such as Large-scaled Solar 4 or LSS4 and LSS5 program.


Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

  • Experience in conceptualising ideas, building and testing prototypes, and planning and designing hospitals


Electrical and Electronics (E&E)

  • Specialisation in E&E engineering programme management, manufacturing processes, quality assurance, and machine learning for process improvement.


Halal Industry

  • Management of government speciality projects and Halal certification.
  • Advisement on permits, certifications, and the benefits of Halal certification for businesses.


Carbon and Climate

  • Knowledge sharing on sustainable waste-to-energy, climate change mitigation strategies, and adapting to sustainable business practices.


Logistics, Warehousing and Transportation

  • Providing insights into logistics and warehousing, developing industry-specific logistic solutions, managing customs clearance and warehouse operations, and advising on supply chain and route optimisation.
Value Addition and Innovation

Since its inception, the Industry Specialist Team at HLB has added significant value to customers by delivering in-depth insights into various industries aforementioned above. By integrating the expertise of the Industry Specialists with the bank’s existing best-in-class personnel, HLB has developed innovative solutions to help customers thrive in their respective industries.


The team has assisted foreign investors by advising them on a variety of aspects before their investment decisions in Malaysia. Aside from providing views on foreign exchange administration, the local financing landscape, and banking product information, they offer invaluable insights into the various growth sectors in Malaysia as outlined above. Similarly, trusted partnerships with domestic and regional customers have been cultivated over decades, offering advice and consistent input from industry specialists. This is one of the key features that sets HLB apart in the local banking landscape.


At HLB, expertise meets sophistication, and customers’ financial journeys are crafted with the precision they deserve. Welcome to a new era of banking where excellence is not just the end game; it’s the standard. Come and speak to us at HLB to explore the possibilities.