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German Educare: Pathway for Students to Study, Train or Work in Germany

>Special Features>German Educare: Pathway for Students to Study, Train or Work in Germany

German Educare: Pathway for Students to Study, Train or Work in Germany

German Educare is the brainchild of a group of Malaysians who had studied and lived in Germany for several years. The idea was conceived from the group’s experiences in Germany and their enthusiasm to share it with other Malaysians. As there are many famous universities in Germany, it is not surprising that Germany is one of the top study destinations worldwide.


Many Malaysians are still unaware that education in Germany is affordable, as they could spend the same amount on tuition fees for a private university in Malaysia. The group realised that they could help more students to enjoy similar memorable experiences they had, when friends reached out to help with their endeavours.


After four years, German Educare believes that it has one of the most comprehensive Germany’s preparation programmes, through four pathways within Malaysia, namely:

  • A-Levels with German pathway at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL);
  • University Preparation Programme for pre-U students;
  • Dual Vocational Training (DVT) Preparation Programme for students who prefer the apprenticeship pathway; and
  • Work in Germany programme to help nurses to get their qualification recognised in Germany.


The German Educare preparation programme covers three main areas of language, administrative and local supports. Intensive German language classes are provided to help students or applicants learn how to speak, read and write. Administrative supports cover university and visa applications, accommodation sources, insurance registrations and arrangements for opening of bank account. To assist in the transition overseas, new students will be well-taken care of while they are in Germany. They will be assigned to a buddy who will assist them to familiarise themselves living in Germany, apart from peer-to-peer support from other students within the group’s network.


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, German Educare has implemented combined learning where students supplement their classes with additional online learning materials and quizzes through the Learning Management System (LMS). The group continues to invest in making the learning experience more accessible and location agnostic, which enable more talents to get the opportunity to study and work in Germany.


Its highlight for the year 2020 is that students were able to enroll for the winter semester 2020 intake as planned. It was partly due to the successful implementation of online learning, and high-level dedication from both the German Educare teams in Malaysia and Germany. The teams are well-versed with the ecosystem and were able to get up-to-date information on student enrolment to advice students accordingly.


Talent acquisition and development is the fundamental objective of German Educare. By providing this pathway for Malaysians to study, train or work in Germany, Malaysians will be exposed to the very high Made-in-Germany standards.


Graduates from German universities strive to find suitable career positions in Malaysia. Besides, German companies that are based in Malaysia have raised on insufficient applicants who meet some of their specific talent requirements. In addressing this issue, German Educare is building a community of talented youths; providing support throughout their studies and job-search after graduation.


German Educare reiterates that “This community will not be complete if insufficient companies are hiring our talents; hence we have been actively reaching out to companies. We are thankful to the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MGCC) for helping us get connected with the industry players”.


German Educare’s vision is also for companies to hire students, train them in Germany, and then send them to Malaysia to be part of the Malaysian team. It would be a sustainable and reliable way to secure promising talents, and companies are welcomed as partners to implement this arrangement.


German Educare recently registered a subsidiary, edu8 GmbH in Bavaria, Germany and another team based in Aachen; in expanding their operations and to be easily accessible not just to communities, but also to German companies and institutions. The group believes that Malaysians will appreciate the opportunity to study, experience apprenticeship and work in Germany; allowing to immerse themselves in the German working culture in addition to acquiring quality knowledge and skills. With this experience, Malaysian youths can confidently return to Malaysia with the best acquired German education.