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Fassi Asia Pacific: Pioneering Excellence in Global Crane Technology

>Why Malaysia Series>Fassi Asia Pacific: Pioneering Excellence in Global Crane Technology

Fassi Asia Pacific: Pioneering Excellence in Global Crane Technology

Fassi Asia Pacific, strategically situated in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, stands as a beacon of innovation within the esteemed Fassi Group, specialising in cutting-edge crane technology since its establishment in 2013. This strategic move into Malaysia is deeply rooted in Fassi’s four-decade history of exporting to the region.

Market Expansion: Leveraging Malaysia's Logistical Advantages

Beyond merely enhancing the local market, Fassi Group’s investment in Malaysia strategically positions the company to leverage the country’s logistical advantages. With Malaysia serving as a pivotal operational hub, the decision is not just a testament to Fassi Group’s enduring regional presence but also reflects a well-thought-out choice based on the country’s favourable operational environment compared to other Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

Collaborative Networking: Empowering Local Suppliers through Technology Transfer

Fassi Asia Pacific operates as a collaborative networking enterprise, exemplifying a robust business model built on collaboration with 22 local suppliers. Each of these suppliers assumes a crucial role, providing specialised components that contribute to the company’s state-of-the-art crane production. This collaborative approach not only strengthens the local industrial ecosystem but also places a distinct emphasis on fostering a seamless transfer of technology. This intentional knowledge exchange empowers local suppliers with advanced manufacturing knowledge and expertise.

Safety Certification Milestone: Leading the Domestic Market

As the first Truck Mounted Crane manufacturer in Malaysia to achieve DOSH certification, Fassi Asia Pacific sets a precedent in the domestic market. This achievement underscores the company’s adherence to the highest safety standards. Establishing it as a leader in safety and innovation.

Operational Excellence & Efficiency Through Technology:

Situated in a sprawling 10,000 square meters development area, Fassi Asia Pacific is at the forefront of crane design, research, development, and engineering. The company’s meticulous design process, coupled with a commitment to excellence, enhances the technological prowess of the Malaysian manufacturing sector.


The synergy of technology and efficiency is central to Fassi Asia Pacific’s success, as seen in the stringent quality control measures applied throughout the entire production process. Automated systems and comprehensive testing underscore the company’s commitment to delivering high-standard products, with safety embedded in its DNA from design to market launch.

Why Malaysia: Language of Communication, Global Collaboration, and FTA Advantage

Fassi Asia Pacific has strategically chosen Malaysia as a prime investment destination and operational hub for its mechanical supply chain, driven by several key factors. Malaysia’s advantageous logistical position amidst South Asian countries enhances our supply chain efficiency, facilitating seamless connectivity across the region.


The existing Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Malaysia and various nations has proven instrumental for our operations, offering our dealers the invaluable benefit of avoiding custom duties and fostering smoother trade relations. Moreover, Malaysia’s competitive manpower cost has provided us with a cost-effective advantage in managing our operations.


The prevalence of English as a widely spoken language further streamlines communication, fostering a conducive business environment. Additionally, the social stability prevalent in Malaysia ensures a secure and supportive backdrop for our operations, creating an ideal setting for sustainable growth and success. In essence, Malaysia stands out as an optimal choice for Fassi Asia Pacific, offering a harmonious blend of logistical advantages, cost-effectiveness, linguistic compatibility, and social stability for our thriving mechanical supply chain operations.

Global Synergy: A Multi-Dimensional Entity

As part of the larger Fassi Group, Fassi Asia Pacific aligns seamlessly with Fassi Gru, Cranab Ab, and Marrel, forming a multi-dimensional entity with widespread sales and service network operating in over 110 countries. Malaysia, in particular, plays a crucial role in the group’s global outlook, serving as a key operational base for the Southeast Asia and Middle East markets.

Ensuring Quality and Safety

In the realm of private ownership, Fassi Asia Pacific distinguishes itself as 100% privately owned by the holding, emphasising a robust and controlled management structure. This ownership model reflects not only a commitment to efficient cost management but also ensures a dedicated focus on safety and quality in all aspects of operations.

A Symbol of Dedication to Excellence and Global Impact

Fassi Asia Pacific is more than a manufacturing facility; it symbolises the Fassi Group’s dedication to excellence, safety, and global impact. As the company continues to evolve, innovate, and expand its influence in the crane technology landscape, it promises a future where precision, efficiency, and safety go hand in hand, solidifying its status as a leading force in the competitive global arena.