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FAQ MIDA Logo Usage Accordion

MIDA Logo Usage

Can I use the MIDA logo on my website or marketing materials?

Yes, you can use the MIDA logo to promote Malaysia as an investment destination. However, you must obtain prior written permission from MIDA, especially if you intend to use the logo for commercial purposes or in a manner that suggests endorsement of an event, a product or service.

How can I obtain permission to use the MIDA logo?

Please contact MIDA at [email protected] to request permission to use the logo.

Is there a fee associated with using the MIDA logo?

Yes, there may be fees associated with the usage of the MIDA logo. The fee structure depends on factors such as the intended usage of the MIDA logo, duration, and the intended audience. Please consult our Revenue Generation Section for specific details.

What types of usage may incur fees for the MIDA logo?

Commercial use, promotional materials, and certain events may incur fees for the usage of the MIDA logo. For a detailed explanation of fee structures, please contact our Revenue Generation Section.


What criteria are considered for granting an exemption from logo usage fees?

Exemptions are typically considered for non-commercial or educational use that aligns with the mission and values of MIDA. Factors such as the nature of the project, its impact, and its alignment with our objectives will be taken into account.

What payment methods are accepted for logo usage fees?

Our Revenue Generation Section will provide details on accepted payment methods upon confirmation of your logo usage request.

What are the guidelines for using the MIDA logo?

The MIDA logo is protected by copyright and trademark law. Please use the logo respectfully and avoid misrepresenting MIDA or its role as the principal investment promotion agency. The brand guidelines can be obtained from MIDA Corporate Communications Division or email to [email protected].

What is MIDA's responsibility for the information on its website?

While MIDA strives to provide accurate and reliable information on its website, we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy or completeness of the information presented. MIDA shall not be held liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use of information obtained from this website.

What is the user's responsibility when using MIDA's website?

It is your responsibility to exercise caution and verify the information before relying on it for any decision-making purposes. MIDA encourages users to consult with relevant professionals or experts for in-depth guidance.

Does MIDA endorse the content of external websites linked to its website?

No, MIDA does not endorse or assume responsibility for the content or practices of external websites linked to its website.

How often does MIDA update its logo usage disclaimer?

MIDA may update this disclaimer periodically to reflect changes in its policies or practices. We encourage you to review this disclaimer regularly.