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Charting a New Frontier: Exploring Space with MYSA’s AITC

>Special Features>Charting a New Frontier: Exploring Space with MYSA’s AITC

Charting a New Frontier: Exploring Space with MYSA's AITC

In today’s interconnected world, the development of spacecraft is the cornerstone of modern technological systems. Whether destined for manned missions, scientific exploration, or space transportation, the creation of a spacecraft demands precision and thorough testing to ensure its success. Enter the Malaysian Space Agency’s (MYSA) Assembly, Integration, and Testing Centre (AITC), nestled within the Space Technology Complex (STC) in Banting, Selangor. Established in 2011, this facility has been designed to faithfully replicate the unique conditions that spacecraft and their payloads will encounter amidst their cosmic odysseys.

A Universe of Testing Services at Your Fingertips

At AITC, MYSA offer a comprehensive suite of testing services consolidated under one roof, providing a simplified journey for their esteemed clientele. Equipped with advanced technology and tools, their facility specialises in providing an extensive range of testing services tailored for satellites with mass up to 800kg. These encompass mechanical tests (vibration and acoustic testing), thermal and vacuum tests, electromagnetic compatibility tests, and mass properties and alignment measurements. This streamlined approach ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness for their customers.

Discover an Array of Services

Some of the services offered by AITC include, but not limited to:


EMI/EMC Test: The Electromagnetic Testing Laboratory conducts electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and interference (EMI) tests, strictly adhering to military standard MIL-STD-461.


Mass Properties and Alignment Measurement: Precision is paramount in the Mass Property Measurement Laboratory, accurately measuring the physical properties critical for satellite positioning control orbit insertion and attitude control. The Alignment Measurement Laboratory ensures impeccable equipment alignment with measurements accurate up to 0.5 arcseconds.


Thermal and Vacuum Test: The cutting-edge facility features a sizable vacuum chamber capable of conducting thermal and vacuum tests across a temperature range from -180°C to 150°C, reaching ultimate pressure levels up to 10-7 mbar.


Sine and/or Random Vibration Test: The Vibration Testing Lab boasts two multi-axis, high-performance electrodynamic shaker systems designed to test articles of varying sizes, each equipped with a water-cooling system for prolonged testing.


High-Intensity Acoustic Test: The Acoustic Testing Laboratory conducts high-intensity acoustic tests up to 155 decibels, enabling customers evaluate their equipment under extreme noise conditions.

Diverse Testing for All Your Needs

Beyond their space-related testing services, MYSA takes pride in extending their cutting-edge testing expertise to diverse industries, including automotive and manufacturing, catering to non-space-related products, echoing our commitment to quality, efficiency, and affordability.

Affordability Meets Excellence

As a government agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), MYSA at AITC is dedicated to offering accessible and competitively priced services to a diverse customer base. Transparency is key – they provide clear pricing information, empowering their customers to plan and budget with confidence. With ISO 9001 certification since 2014 and an active pursuit of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, AITC showcases an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence as a trusted testing laboratory, ensuring tests are conducted at the highest standards, meeting both customer expectations and industry requirements.

Join Us in Pioneering the Final Frontier

For more information on the remarkable services available at AITC, please explore MYSA’s website at Join MYSA as they champion Earth’s advancement and explore the vast reaches of space, one mission at a time!