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Amcor SEA Healthcare Leads the Charge for Sustainability in Malaysia’s Thriving Medical Devices Industry

>Why Malaysia Series>Amcor SEA Healthcare Leads the Charge for Sustainability in Malaysia’s Thriving Medical Devices Industry

Amcor SEA Healthcare Leads the Charge for Sustainability in Malaysia's Thriving Medical Devices Industry

Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific in Malaysia

Amidst Malaysia’s thriving medical devices sector, the presence of Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific Malaysia proves instrumental, supported by a team of 250 professionals dedicated to advancing excellence and driving innovation in fostering the country’s growing market. Recognising Malaysia’s growth potential, the company prioritises enhancing its R&D capabilities to meet evolving market demands and introduce tailored products efficiently.


The main strategy is localisation, which facilitates swift delivery and effectively addresses the challenges of local demands. With a commitment to meeting 2025 sustainability targets, investments in laboratory equipment are essential in bolstering research and development efforts. As a leader in responsible packaging, leveraging the expansive global network, Amcor’s presence in Malaysia allows for seamless technology transfers, thereby enriching the product range whilst maintaining competitiveness in the Asia Pacific market.

Why Malaysia is attractive for Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific

Situated strategically at the heart of Asia, Malaysia boasts an advantageous location that provides unparalleled access to regional markets, facilitating seamless distribution and logistics. The company’s commitment to invest in the workforce has yielded exceptional results, with the local Malaysian talent pool demonstrating outstanding dedication and expertise. This dedication underscores the commitment to delivering top-tier healthcare packaging solutions. Additionally, Malaysia’s supportive business environment, coupled with tailored incentives and pro-business policies, streamlines operational processes, fostering an environment conducive to growth and success. Furthermore, Malaysia’s robust medical device ecosystem aligns perfectly with Amcor’s goal of staying closely connected with local customers, enabling effective engagement and support for valued clientele.

Driving Investment Success

Driving investment success requires a focus on key pillars: regulatory compliance, cultural sensitivity, and sustainability. The company prioritises adherence to stringent healthcare regulatory standards, collaborating closely with local authorities to ensure ethical business practices. Respect for local culture fosters positive relationships with Malaysian counterparts and communities, thereby enhancing business operations. Additionally, as part of the company’s commitment to sustainability, Amcor has pledged to develop all packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2025, contributing to Malaysia’s broader environmental objectives.

Public and Private Sectors Collaboration

For companies contemplating investment in the healthcare sector, here are a few tips to keep in mind:


  1. Conduct thorough market research and understand regulatory landscapes before making investment decisions.
  2. Forge partnerships with local entities to navigate market intricacies effectively.
  3. Embrace sustainable practices to align with global trends and positively impact local communities.


MIDA has played a crucial role in facilitating Amcor’s expansion and success in Malaysia, particularly in the healthcare sector. MIDA has created a favourable investment environment and acted as a bridge between the company and essential resources, local stakeholders, and market insights. The proactive approach in tailoring solutions to different industry segments and understanding specific business needs has greatly contributed to Amcor’s seamless integration and ongoing success. One notable example of MIDA’s support is their assistance in navigating local laws and regulations in the healthcare industry, ensuring compliance and facilitating smooth operations.