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Apply Manufacturing License, Incentives, Expatriate Posts, Duty Exemptions or purchase statistics online. Register for MIDA's monthly e-newsletter to receive updates on policies, incentives, events, and activities.


1. e-Exemption Online 

  • PC1 only for Agriculture Sector
  • PC2, PC2-1 ; and
  • PCServices

Approval Letters, Approval Conditions and Appendices digitally signed.

2. e-Declaration

  • SPM 1 (Manufacturers In The Principal Customs Area)
  • SPM 2 (Companies Engaged In A Hotel Business)
  • SPM 3 (Haulage Operators)

"Surat Pengesahan MIDA" (SPM) digitally signed.

APR e-Survey

Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) is conducting the Annual Performance Report (APR) for financial year 2016 on all companies manufacturing companies granted approval for Manufacturing Licenses and/or Incentives under the Industrial Coordination Act, 1975 and/or Promotion of Investments Act, 1986.

This exercise is carried out annually to enable MIDA to monitor the performance of manufacturing companies in Malaysia and for the purpose of policy formulation and industrial planning.

Login to start the online survey:


I-Incentives is a portal that provides information on investment incentives offered by the Federal Government of Malaysia. The incentives information stored in the portal cater for all three sectors of the economy; manufacturing, services and primary. They also cover all types of incentives offered by the Federal Government; tax exemptions, grants, soft loans and other types of incentives such as equity funding, regional establishment status, training and other facilitation programmes.

The portal has been developed by Incentive Coordination and Collaboration Office (ICCO) in MIDA with the aim to improve the central coordination of all incentive offerings. This initiative is to enhance the effectiveness of the government's incentive mechanism by increasing transparency, eliminating duplication and linking investment incentives to performance.


e-BizMatch is an online business matching service connecting businesses worldwide. This web-based facility will help you connect with international business partners. Registered members may conduct customise searches for business partners based on their specific requirements.

When you register with e-BizMatch, your company details and project proposal will be posted in the e-BizMatch Directory free-of-charge as a service to manufacturers and service providers.

However, MIDA reserves the right to edit your submitted text for clarity and length. Please allow seven days for your information to be processed.


Topics highlighted in this e-newsletter are insights and updates on investments related to both the manufacturing and services sectors, industry focus, economic news as well as the various events organised by MIDA.


For the Malaysian citizen who is looking for a new career path and ready for bigger challenges, you are invited to be part of our dynamic team to shape the future of Malaysia's economic growth.

Human Resource Management Division
Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)
Level 15, MIDA Sentral
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
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MIDA's Supplier Portal allows the suppliers to view information on their invoices that have been paid by MIDA online.

User ID and password can be obtained upon official request via e-mail to finance[at]mida.gov.my


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