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Client Charter

We are committed to providing services in a professional, efficient and ethical manner to industrialists and potential investors in the manufacturing and services sectors by:

• Responding to all investment enquiries in a prompt and courteous manner
• Providing accurate and up to-date information on investments
• Assisting investors in the implementation of their projects

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to answering relevant enquiries and to complete the evaluation of applications from the date complete information is received within these stipulated time frame:

  • Enquiries received via website: 2 working days

  • Manufacturing Licence

    • Normal Track: 4 weeks

    • Fast Track: 7 working days

  • Post-Incentives: 6 weeks

  • Incentives: 6 weeks

  • Tax Exemption from Custom Duties: 4 weeks

  • Principal Hub: 6 weeks

  • Regional and Representative Offices: 4 weeks

  • Manufacturing License: 4 weeks

  • Expatriate Posts

    • Normal Track: 4 weeks

    • Fast Track: 7 working days

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